Best Little Known Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

Best Little Known Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2017

Most of the headlines are dominated by bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, Ripple and other heavyweights in the arena right now. But, the truth is that they are becoming too inflated and since most people don’t have the kind of revenue to invest in these bigger coins, they look towards the promising lower-ranked currency and invest in it.

Why invest in lower-ranked currencies?

There are over 900 cryptocurrencies in the world right now. While some are scams and some have poor architecture, if you research well enough you can find out an up-and-coming currency that is worth investing in. Even if you invest a relatively modest amount of money, you can have achieve a really good Return on your investment.

How can you invest in the new currencies?

The trick is to look for the right currency. There are two ways to invest in these new currencies, one is by investing in their Initial Coin Offering and the other is to make daily trades on them. The Initial Coin Offering is a very interesting way to invest in. You have to beware of flashy coins that promise astronomical gains.It is certainly not impossible to have these kinds of price increases in the crypto world as bitcoin itself has jumped 4 times in the last six months or so.

But, normally these flashy coins bomb in the market and go back into obscurity. So, always look for robust, sensible platforms who are offering coins based on realistic growth expectations. Nowadays there is also the new phenomenon of investing in coins of new companies.

These coins are one-off and the coin holders then become shareholders in the company and get dividends automatically generated from the company through the smart contracts. These smart contracts are usually based in Ethereum and are right from the future. If you are a stock exchange broker, you have to take a look at this technology. Instead of having the company to tamper with the profits and revenues in the earnings per share, the smart contract automatically pays the shareholders (coin holders) from their accounts.

The earnings are usually given in Ethereum and there are a lot of these promising new currencies entering the market with an ICO in 2018.

Trading in these lowly altcoins can be very beneficial too. Most of the trading involves holding coins till their worth increases and then cashing into bitcoins when you have the chance. There are other strategies that are quite promising as well.

Here are a few new cryptocurrencies you should look forward to investing in 2018.


IOTA Coin logo

IOTA is a relatively new coin with a focus on development of Internet of Things (IOT). The currency is named after the curious mathematics symbol used in depicting imaginary numbers and is a very unique coin.

According to the official white paper, IOTA is the revolutionary “transactional settlement and data integrity layer” for the internet of things. It is based on an entirely different blockchain technology called Tangle which removes the previous issues with blockchain for this particular purpose. Using the Tangle, you can send money without any transaction fees. It means that even extremely small amounts can be transferred.

The machine economy of the internet of things has so far been held back due to the lack of a stellar blockchain and thus an informational ledger to base it on. The IOTA aims to be the driving force behind the Internet of Things in future.
The tech is in beta phase right now and the IOTA coin is showing real promise in the cryptocurrency charts right now. You can invest in it and reap long-term awards for the futures to come.


Golem coin logo

Golem was the subject of the biggest ICO campaign in the short history of altcoin existence. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain and it is the world’s most powerful decentralized supercomputer in existence. It can be used for scientific research, finite element analysis and many other techniques that require extensive computing power. Once completed, you will have access to the power of a supercomputer at the click of a mouse!

Since Golem had the biggest ICO in history, it will be fair to say that it is a little inflated right now as expectations are high of something that is not yet fully developed. Still, the Golem’s GNT tokens are worth investing in. The future for the application of this technology is limitless as so much computing power will be in the hands of ordinary people for the first time in their lives. I can’t imagine to think what people can do once they start using it.

The Golem’s core technology is in Alpha stage right now. You can download the software and run it to find bugs and relevant improvements needed. Soon enough, every smartphone, computer and tablet would be able to connect to the decentralized supercomputer and would contribute to its computing power. This ever evolving extremely powerful computer might even render the rest of the supercomputers obsolete. So, if you choose to invest in GNT tokens, you should know that you are investing in the future even if the tokens don’t result in much profit in the short-term.


Zcash logo color

Zcash is traded as ZEC in the crypto world and it comes around the middle of the pack with a current market cap of around $470 million. It is also a currency to look forward to if you want to invest in up-and-coming coins. Since April 2017, the coin has shown real promise and has risen multiple points since then both in market cap and trading volumes.

Zcash is considered as the pioneer in permissionless financial systems. It allows the system to hold transactions and records of ownerships with complete anonymity. The ledger is as secure as they come and such that it has a great potential for both the cryptocurrencies in the future and perhaps for the fiat currencies as well.

It has a special algorithm operating under zero-knowledge cryptography concept. It basically allows completely anonymous transactions. While anonymity has always been present in the crypto world with most of the currencies allowing fully anonymous transactions, Zcash takes it one step further by even removing known aliases.

If you are looking for a stellar coin to invest in, the Zcash is a strong candidate and ripe for the taking!

Cloud token ICO

Cloud With Token Logo

Cloud token is undergoing ICO right now and it is also an up and coming coin with great potential for growth. The token is banking on a new tech to provide cheap cloud storage services to clients all around the world. It is based on the Ethereum ERC token and you can buy the cloud tokens with the help of Ether if you have any.

The company’s white paper highlights the challenge of adapting to storing data on a host of servers around the world instead of one central server like Dropbox, Microsoft and others. They envisage a future in which data centers will become a thing of the past. They want to unleash the real power of cloud storage to the public with the help of a new tech called Gridnodes.

Gridnodes are data points in the new ecosystem that are connected to the blockchain. With a uniform application run environment and non-stop seamless data transfer, the storage and functionality of the system will not be affected even if one or multiple nodes go offline. Not only is your information and storage safely encrypted, it is also made available without any regard to the current operation of the Grid nodes involved. It is truly a great technological achievement since data has always been tied to the availability of hardware.

The cloudtoken is costing $10 each right now and the total amount of money that the company hopes to raise is $300 million. It is understandable that they are asking for this much money since they will need to set up countless numbers of Grid Nodes around the world and tech is expensive.

If you believe in the new tech and its promise of true cloud storage, you should invest in this coin. You may get a nice RoI from this investment since this groundbreaking technology is demonstrable and scalable like no other.


Up and coming altcoins like IOTA, Golem, Zcash , Cloud token and some others are a great way to start investing in. While their core technology and deployment is still under works, you can expect big things from them and a good Return on Investment as well.

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