Best Loans With No Credit Check In 2019

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Best Loans With No Credit Check In 2019

No credit check loans is a must-read topic for individuals who are likely to be needing it at any point in their life. This is a completely different system from regular bank loans, so the features and the way it works are essentially different.

Usually, you will not get the full picture of how it works if you decide to turn to no credit check loans, but you understand its reality only in the end. So, I suggest better do your homework on this before ever considering it.

These no credit check loans are usually referred to as predatory lending.

I know, right?

The name doesn’t sound so wonderful after all. This name represents the predatory attitude of these lenders as they try to take advantage of the borrower’s certain situation.

It means that they make a last-hope offer to the borrower with an abnormally high cost, which would have been avoided had this certain situation not emerged.

Two of the best-known types of no credit check loans are payday loans and title loans.

Payday Loans
Payday Loans

What are payday loans and how they work?

Payday loan provides you a loan with no credit check within a very short period of time, which could be the same day you apply or the day after.

Now, the repayment part! In order to have an assurance that you’ll repay, these lenders simply request you to write them a check dated for your next payday.

So, as soon as you receive your next pay, the payday loan lender of yours will cash the check you gave them.

And what about title loans?

Title loans are another type of predatory lending. Similar to the payday loan, the lender will not perform a credit check on you and will provide the cash very quickly. However, they will request to secure your car for this loan, even if the loan amount is much less than your car’s value.

If you pay your loan amount along with the interest and fees, you will get your car back. But if you default on your repayment, there are 2 things your lender can choose to do with you. First, they may defer your principal repayment day after you have paid the interest. However, more interest will be accrued on the principal amount before the deferred date of repayment. Second, they may just take your car from you.

Now, we will review websites that enable you to take no credit check loans. Mind that usually you will have to agree on the loan’s terms and conditions with the lender, so it is better to know the types of loans to make more informed decisions.

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MoneyMutual is an online platform that brings borrowers and lenders together. The website itself is not a lender, but it will help you find one.

What you have to do is fill in some information, which would be reviewed by your potential lenders. If they think they can work with you, they will make you a loan offer, which you can accept or decline.



Probably the best side of this website is that essentially it gives you access to a database of lenders, who you can negotiate your loan’s terms and conditions with. Negotiation does play a big part here because you either accept or decline the offer based on the terms and conditions. For example, if you don’t like the interest rate that they offer, there may be better loans to look for.

Another great benefit is the ease of use and the time it takes to get your loan. The website is very user-friendly and it will take you about 5 minutes to complete the form required to submit to your lenders. Another 5 minutes is required to wait for your lender’s response. And after you have accepted the terms and conditions, your account will be cashed in within 24 hours.

You should know that may connect you with many types of lenders who will offer you different types of no credit check loans, 2 of which being payday and title loans. So, you better know the meanings of these loans to remain fully informed when making important arrangements.


Out of 37 reviews, the website had an overall rating of 2.8/5.

Many customers are happy with the services of this website. The main listed benefits include the easy to use website, exceptionally good customer care service, no hidden fees, safety and speed.

One customer was very happy about how he was literally saved by MoneyMutual. In need of urgent money, this customer tried multiple platforms to find a lender. All other websites lead him nowhere, but MoneyMutual seemed to have helped him promptly and he solved his problem.

Another customer was telling how helpful the customer service was during a call. He also highlighted that the whole transaction is easy to process, including the part where you have to fill in a form.

Other customers, who have left negative reviews, are furious about the 3-digit interest rates, which as they commonly like to say “charges their arms and legs” for a small amount of loan.

Some other customers are convinced that this website is a scam. One reviewer told her loan was approved, but the next day she received an email saying her loan was not approved anymore. Another reviewer complained that he was approved for a loan and the money did not eventually get deposited to his account.

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Application and approval take 10 minutes altogether
You will get your money within 24 hours
You get a chance to decline a loan offer
The website is safe to use including the provision of information
No fees are paid to the website by the borrower
You can make your whole arrangement online
You don’t need to have a good credit history
The lender you are connected with may be hard to work with
Extremely high APRs for loans (up to 900%)
You can borrow up to $2500

CashUSA is another website that connects borrowers to lenders. This is very similar to MoneyMutual as you fill in an application form, which may connect you with a potential lender. Then you will be presented with an offer, which will highlight the loan amount, interest rate and repayment schedule. You can then choose to accept the offer or decline it.

CashUSA specifies certain requirements, which will make you eligible to apply. You should be over 18 years old, a US citizen or a permanent US resident, earn at least after tax $1000 and have a checking account in your name. Once you satisfy these criteria you can apply for a loan with CashUSA.



CashUSA claims to use encryption and security precautions to ensure the information you enter on their website is processed securely. They also claim that the application form takes only minutes to complete, while your cash is credited within 1 day.

Another benefit this platform has is that it allows for a broad type of loans to be offered. Loans can have APRs starting from 6% and have durations from 3 to 72 months. However, they cannot specify any terms and conditions, because your lender is the one to make you an offer.


Out of 67 reviews, this website has an overall rating of 1.4/5.

There was no review to say good things about CashUSA. Only negative reviews have been expressed on this website.

A reviewer described a situation where he was sent an email and given calls, which didn’t relate to him. He was requested to make payments that he didn’t owe.

Others like to call this website a scam. They regularly get calls after doing business through CashUSA and are being threatened in some way if they don’t make a payment.

People tend to think that this website is created to target people in adverse financial situations.

Quick application and cash receipt
Secured website
A broad range of loan terms and conditions
No fees to pay to CashUSA
Completely online
No need to have a good credit score
You don’t need to have a good credit history
Loan amount will range from $1000 to $10000
Only negative reviews
People get a lot of strange calls and email after using this website

Bad Credit Loans is another no credit check loan platform to help you find a lender.

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The eligibility criteria are that you are over 18 years old, have a regular income, are a US citizen or permanent resident and have a bank account.

 The website works in a simple way, similar to other online borrowing platforms. You will be required to fill in a quick application form, which will connect you with a borrower. You will be then presented with a loan offer along with its terms and conditions (amount, interest rate, duration, penalties, etc.).

If you accept the offer, you will be required to put an electronic signature and you will have completed everything before awaiting your cash.

Bad Credit Loans
Bad Credit Loans


The website is free to try, meaning there are no fees associated with connecting you with a lender. They use advanced encryption methods to protect your information when entered on their website. The website works 24/7 to help your situation. is also somewhat educational. You can get advice and tips on when you should take a loan, how to spend your money responsibly and how to budget your finances in order to repay your loan in a timely manner.

Badcreditloans protects its borrowers according to the Fair Lending Laws set out by the federal law. They use this to prevent unfair treatment from the lenders’ side. This website will make sure that lenders do not contact you outside of business hours.

They will also protect you against unfair and deceptive acts to convince you to make incorrect payments and will also protect you against annoying calls that use abusive language.

They also make sure that you are provided with full information about your loan to avoid future problems and misunderstandings.


The overall rating for this website was 2.97/5 out of 13 reviews.

One of the customers was delighted by how he could use the services of Badcreditloans and got a feasible solution to her problem.

Another positive review highlighted the smooth functioning of the website as it enables users to get the job done easily and quickly.

On the other hand, negative reviews are there to criticize this website. A reviewer called them an “SMS spammer”. Another reviewer advises not to bother since she was unable to find help through Badcreditloans.

Good credit history not required
Easy and quick
Protection against lenders through Fair Lending Laws
Secured website
Big range of loan types
All is online and available 24/7
Free to try
The amount of loan is from $500 to $5000
Only a few reviews available

Personal Loans

Here is another website to review. is designed to connect you to lenders and make loan arrangements with them. Being over 18 years old and a US citizen/permanent resident is a must for using this website’s services.

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You will need to prove that you are either employed, self-employed or receive monetary benefits from the government. There is no requirement to have a certain minimum credit score, but the website or the lender may perform a soft inquiry to identify minimal responsibility patterns in your repayment history.



Their online form is encrypted to secure the information you provide for lenders’ review. The website is also easy to use, and the process takes very little time to complete.

The types of loans are very broad, and there are fancy names for some types of loans they use (e.g. home improvement project, payday loan, debt consolidation, medical expense, etc.).

Another benefit of this website is that the upper limit of the loan amount that you can borrow is pretty high ($35000).


This website has an overall rating of 3.5/5 out of 13 reviews.

Customers are happy with the simplicity of using this website. One reviewer was positively describing how straightforward it was to get her loan within such a period of time. She was particularly happy with how they show you the lenders that want to work with you along with their offers.

Another reviewer was telling about how she could get a loan from to buy her car with an amount of $15000. She says she got a reasonable APR and got her cash very fast.

The other side of the coin, however, shows us some negative reviews. A reviewer was hoping to be treated better as she was hung up on the phone after asking a question.

Another huge complaint came from a reviewer who provided a lot of sensitive information to the lender, which was later lost on the website.

The amount of loan is from $500 to $35000
Simple and straightforward website
Get your cash quickly
Secured website
No fees to the website
A broad range of loans
Not many reviews available
An indirect source of funding has the highest rating among the 4 reviewed websites. Note that there are more websites with the same function and they have similar requirements and procedures as the top 4 that we have discussed.

Also, please bear in mind that almost all of these websites do not require you to have a certain credit score, but they may perform a soft inquiry on your credit history.

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However, this will not affect your credit score and usually, if they don’t think you default on your payments on purpose, your credit score will qualify, even if it’s too low.

Our picks seems like a good option to consider having the best rating among these top 4. Many customers seem to be liking the website and have acquired loans successfully. There was something special to spot regarding Badcreditloans. They claim to protect their users according to the Federal Law.

They also have an educational element in their website trying to help their users to make better financial decisions. CashUSA is not recommended based on the reviews (it has the lowest overall rating). MoneyMutual was also worth a try with a reasonable overall rating score and it has most of the benefits of the other websites.

If you choose to seek help from these kinds of websites, always think twice before doing it. It is known that these lenders target people in bad financial situations to take advantage of their situation. Most people will not analyze the costs correctly if they need money so badly. Also, beware that these loans will charge you high APRs.

As you have seen from the reviews, you are likely to encounter 3-digit APRs. However, be careful from scams and traps. Read all the information carefully and make sure that the lender is a normal person and that you can really work with them. Otherwise, consider other options to save the day.


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