Chase QuickPay Review

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Chase QuickPay Review

What is Chase QuickPay?

Chase is one of the largest U.S. banks serving nearly half of America’s households with a great variety of financial products including personal banking, mobile banking, credit cards, mortgages, deposits, etc. One of the services provided by Chase is its virtual platform of money transfer called Chase QuickPay.

Chase QuickPay or Chase QuickPay with Zelle offers its customers a checking account service for person to person (P2P) transferring. This type of payments are online and transfer funds from one person’s bank account or credit card to someone else’s account.

One of the methods of person to person transfers is using an online interface or mobile application to transfer the money. The recipient is designated by their phone number or email address. Once the money is transferred from the sender’s account, the recipient gets a notification asking them to input their bank account information to accept the transfer.

Chase QuickPay
Chase QuickPay

With this method, recipients do not need to have an account with the bank or other financial institution of the sender to be able to receive the money transferred. Chase QuickPay collaborates with Zelle network, (former clearXchange or CXC network).

It means you can send money to customers at Wells Fargo, Bank of America, PNC Bank, and many other banks just by entering the recipient’s email address to the Chase mobile application or website. Now let’s take a look at the features and benefits of Chase QuickPay and see how satisfied the customers are with the service.

What does Chase QuickPay do?

Free P2P transfers for Chase checking accounts and prepaid debit cards

If you are a Chase customer and you transfer money to another Chase customer, then you won’t have any service or transaction fees.

Transfers from and to Zelle network

Zelle network includes dozens of banks and other financial institutions such as Bank of America, PNC Bank, Wells Fargo, and many others. You can have trustworthy and simple transactions with QuickPay.

Chase QuickPay
Chase QuickPay

Please go through this link for the complete list of Chase Quickpay partners. The good thing is that Chase QuickPay is continuously developing new partnerships and enhancing its market to attract even more customers.


Fast bank transfers between Chase accounts

If you make transfers to other banks, it may take 1 to 2 days. If both of the recipients are Chase customers, it will not take longer than minutes before the money is available to you.

Many customers say that they are fascinated by how fast and convenient the transactions with Chase QuickPay with Zelle are. Reviews especially highlight the effectiveness of transactions between Chase account holders, that are available within minutes.

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Chase QuickPay
Chase QuickPay

Others may complain due to longer waiting days; however, don’t worry about your transaction. You can be sure it is safe and will take a maximum of 4 to 5 days.

Confidential and secured personal data

With QuickPay, you can be sure that your personal information is entirely confidential and secure. Chase QuickPay keeps your email address, contact information for internal use only. Customers care about this specific feature a lot.

  • What is the data being used for?
  • Is it secure?
  • Won’t there be any personal data leakages?

The answer is definitely yes: it is very secure! Chase QuickPay with Zelle makes confidentiality their priority. You can be sure that your information is not available to anyone except yourself.

Limits on transactions

The consumer transactions with QuickPay have limits of $2,000 per transaction and day, $8,000 per seven days and $16,000 per 30 day-period with all of the accounts you hold with QuickPay.

With business transactions, the terms and limits are a little different. You will have $5,000 per transaction and day, $20,000 within seven days, and $30,000 within 30 days.

Chase QuickPay
Chase QuickPay

For many of the customers, this is a significant disadvantage (we will talk about it later in the article). However, note that payment systems need to implement this policy for security reasons.

You can sign up by Chase mobile application or its website, and here is how:

How to sign up for Chase Quickpay on the mobile application?

  1. First of all, sign in to Chase application by using your credentials.
  2. At the upper left corner of your screen, you will see the menu button. Tap there, then select Quickpay with Zelle. Many of the customers get confused as they do not know QuickPay with Zelle is the same thing as Chase QuickPay.
  3. Get started by entering your email address, reading the terms, and ticking the box saying you agree to those conditions.
Chase Mobile on the AppStore
Chase Mobile on the AppStore

How to sign up for Chase Quickpay on the website?

  1. Sign in to your Chase account and click the menu button at the upper left corner of your display.
  2. Then click Pay and Transfer, and choose QuickPay with Zelle afterward
  3. Click on the sign-up bar to continue
  4. Read the terms and conditions, privacy notice and if you agree, check the box to continue
  5. Provide your phone number or email address. With each payment, you will get a notification on the provided phone number or email address.
  6. Finally, you will get a verification code and enter it on the website to activate your Chase Quickpay with Zelle.
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Chase QuickPay Demo
Chase QuickPay Demo

Once you do it, you will see how easy the steps are.

That was it; you can now use your QuickPay!

Features and how to use Chase QuickPay with Zelle

Now that you already have a Chase QuickPay account, you can send and request money, as well as manage your account. The process is well developed and secure enough for you to have a perfect experience.

Let’s see what you can do with it.

Send money

To send funds, the only information you need is the phone number or email address of the recipient. Note that the recipients do not have to be Chase customers, they can be anyone who has an account with one of the Zelle partners. The transaction completion time depends on what account each of you has.

Chase QuickPay
Chase QuickPay
  • If you send money to another Chase member or someone who holds an account with a bank that is a part of Zelle partnership and supports real-time payments (payment systems available 24/7/365), the transfer will be completed within minutes.
  • If you send money to Zelle participant who does NOT support real-time payments, it will take 1 to 2 business days.

Request Money

All you need to do to request money is to input the person’s name and phone number and the amount requested. There is also an option of letting the recipient decide how much money they want to send. 

Chase QuickPay
Chase QuickPay

Payment history

The other section of QuickPay with Zelle is to view your transaction history, including the money you’ve sent, received, requested, all the payments, and your to-do list. If you use QuickPay frequently, you may also want to group your transactions and filter them accordingly.

Chase QuickPay
Chase QuickPay


With this tab, you can manage your contact information connected to Chase QuickPay account. By clicking on the settings bar, you will see your primary account details and the add button on the right side of it. By clicking it, you can add up to five email addresses and phone numbers.

Chase QuickPay
Chase QuickPay

Pros and Cons of Chase QuickPay

According to many of the customers, the most significant benefit of Chase QuickPay with Zelle is its comprehensive coverage. Having a partnership with Zelle network connects over 250 million customers to each other.

With the help of this feature, people can quickly transfer their balances and be sure that their personal data is safe and confidential.

From the discussion you can make conclusions about the benefits of this service, which include having no fees, fast and easy transfer of funds, an extensive network of partnering financial institutions, security and the fact that you can send money only by using your email address or phone number.

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Chase QuickPay
Chase QuickPay

On its website, Chase mentions the benefits of the service that you get when using Chase QuickPay. First and foremost, it is a high-speed service, where you can send and receive money in a few moments. So, you do not have to wait in queues to make your payments.

Additionally, with Chase QuickPay it is very convenient, as Zelle works with many banks in the market and your payments become very easy and convenient. Finally, you can be sure that your information is secure.

Your account information stays protected and used solely for internal use. Multiple security checks have been provided in the services to ensure you are sending money to the right person to avoid errors.


The customer reviews say that Chase QuickPay is one of the safest and most secure money transfer services they have ever experienced. It is super easy to use, and the payments between Chase customers take minutes to be available. Many of the users even say that they trust QuickPay more than the banks with their transfers.

You get your money instantly by transferring from one Chase account to another Chase account holder. For the other banks, it might take a bit longer, but the process is still very safe and secure.

In this competitive market with a variety of options, customers want to know what is this most beneficial part in Chase QuickPay. In a customer question-answer section, many people ask about the cases where both beneficiaries are not Chase accounts holders.

From different expert reviewers, the cons of the service are having limits on the money which can be transferred within days or even months.

Putting a limit, especially on business transactions, is not very comfortable for corporate clients. Corporate customers claim that their transactions may be substantial in amount and may even exceed the weekly limit, so it is very uncomfortable for them to use Chase QuickPay.

The truth is, Chase, implements the restriction policy for risk mitigation. For preventing fraudulent activities, it is for your own good that the limits are put on the transferred amount, both if you are the sender or receiver.

The fact that transaction may take up to five business days in case another beneficiary is not a member of Zelle list is also one of the cons of the system. Finally, international transfers are not supported with QuickPay.

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Chase finds it risky and does not support international transactions.

In any other case, anyone who has Chase account and wishes to transfer to another Chase account holder they go for Chase QuickPay with Zelle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a monthly membership fee for Chase QuickPay

A: The answer is, no. The service is absolutely free.

Q: What is Chase QuickPay with Zelle?

A: Many of the customers get confused whether Chase Quickpay with Zelle and Chase QuickPay are the same thing. The answer is, yes. Zelle is the network of banks that CHase collaborates with, making person-to-person transfers possible for everyone.

Q: What is the difference between Chase Pay and Chase QuickPay

A: Chase Pay is the mobile option for your account that you can use at specific merchants, while Chase QuickPay allows you to send funds to anyone throughout the network of Zelle.

Can non-Chase customers enroll in Chase QuickPay to use it?

A: As already mentioned, you do not have to be Chase customer to receive money from another beneficiary. However, you have to sign-up to your bank’s online person-to-person payment service or simply register at

Q: Are there limits on transfer amounts?

A: Customers pay great attention to this factor. Many even consider the restriction on transfer amounts as the biggest drawback of payments systems. The truth is, Chase QuickPay has limits on amounts that can be transferred. More specifically, consumer checking accounts are limited to $2,000 per transaction, $8,000 per week, and $16,000 per month. For business accounts the limits are higher, being $5,000 per day and transaction, $20,000 per week and $40,000 per month. There are other limits put on different types of accounts as well.

If you have are any questions you can ask the Chase team, you can do so by contacting their customer service here.

Customer Service
Customer Service

Wrapping up

In today’s digitalized world, online transferring and payment systems play a considerable role in the financial market. People prefer transferring their financial resources through virtual intermediaries rather than waiting in the banks with a long line of customers. Chase QuickPay is one of the easiest to use, flexible, and safe platforms.

If you are thinking of safe and secure transactions, Chase QuickPay is among the best to consider. By involving an extensive network of financial institutions, it connects about 520 million customers who love the features and flexibility of Chase QuickPay.

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The service allows you to receive, send, and request money by inserting the beneficiary’s email address or phone number only. It makes the process much more comfortable and less time-consuming. This is one of the most significant benefits that the majority of Chase QuickPay users mention in their reviews.

According to the Chase website, the three most essential benefits that highlight the features of their products are their product being fast, secure, and convenient.

It is fast in a way that you will send and receive the money within minutes, secure by keeping your personal account information private and comfortable in the sense that you will save more time and money (as the service is entirely free of charge).

Many argue with this statement saying that the process takes a long time if one of the beneficiaries is not a Chase customer.

It usually takes a couple of business days for the money to be transferred and available. It is essential to research and see which are the best and the most beneficial money transfer options for you.

Make sure to identify your needs and do your research correctly. All in all, Chase QuickPay has been one of the most successful money transferring platforms for its users for many years and continues to evolve and meet the current market needs.

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