Best Cryptocurrency Plugins for Websites Accepting Bitcoin Payments


In fact, bitcoin is now a valid payment method at millions of stores, both online and offline. The other cryptocurrencies, collectively called altcoins, are not far behind. More businesses are accepting altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and other cryptocurrencies.

The number of people willing to transact in cryptocurrencies is rapidly growing. People are tired of a state of near-total surveillance that the various governments have forced them into. Bank transactions, credit cards, debit cards, and even PayPal transactions are all carefully monitored by the government through IRS, NSA, and other bodies.

Privacy conscious people are left to come up with inventive ways to purchase things that they don’t want anyone else to know about. Those things are not necessarily illegal, but could be considered taboo or embarrassing, say, an adult toy. Such people find cryptocurrencies the natural next frontier.

Cryptocurrencies offer high degree of privacy, anonymity, and escape from government’s intrusive ways. Of course, even criminals find it useful to use cryptocurrencies to keep themselves safe from the eyes of the law enforcement agencies.

For all of these reasons, the number of people using cryptocurrencies for making purchases is only growing, and growing fast. More often than not, they are even ready to pay a premium for the additional privacy and anonymity that cryptocurrency transactions offer.

If you are a business and wish to give your revenues a huge boost, accepting cryptocurrencies is a great way to do it. Not all merchants in all industries accept cryptocurrency payments. Therefore, if there are privacy conscious customers in your business, then they will undoubtedly choose you over your competitor who is currently not accepting cryptocurrency payments.

If they are already accepting crypto payments, then it means that a significant number of your customers are probably shopping from them, since you do not accept the digital currencies. It makes sense for you to start accepting crypto payments too, so that you can win back some of the customers you have lost to your competitors. Either way, accepting crypto payments is surest way to improve your business.

Here are some of the top website plugins that will come handy if you intend to start accepting crypto payments on your website.


Among all the crypto payment processing services, BitPay is easily the most popular and trusted choice among the businesses. It offers a plugin for websites that wish to accept bitcoins as payments. BitPay was launched as early as 2011, just 2 years after the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was created.

So, it is among the oldest players in the game, and definitely the most popular crypto payments processing service. In fact, it has partnerships with the likes of NewEgg, Warner Bros. Records, TigerDirect, Microsoft, and PayPal. Clearly, it is the most trusted bitcoin payments processing service in the world.

The best thing about BitPay is that it offers integrations with more than 40 e-commerce website platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and others. So, no matter what platform you use to create your e-commerce shop, BitPay has a plugin for that. BitPay’s service is available in roughly 40 countries.


BitPay offers a highly simplified system for executing bitcoin transactions on websites. The merchants are completely shielded from the volatile fluctuations of the bitcoin market. As soon as they receive payments in bitcoins, they are instantly exchanged into fiat currency. Thus, there is no waiting period involved, which means that the businesses can go ahead and accept payments in bitcoins, while being completely shielded from the currency fluctuations.

Digital Paybox

Digital Paybox is an advanced form of payment processing plugin that is designed for websites that sell digital products. The idea behind Digital Paybox is that you can set a fixed price for your digital product or ask the buyers to pay whatever they want. The latter payment option is gaining notoriety in the recent years. To ensure that you are getting a fair deal with your customers, you can set a minimum price to be paid for the digital product.

There are mainly two ways for adding Digital Paybox on your website – either you add the script to your website’s HTML code, or if you have a WordPress website, you can directly install the Digital Paybox plugin. The Digital Paybox can be added to any page on your website, asking the customer to purchase or donate for your digital product.

Digital Paybox - WordPress Plugin
Digital Paybox – WordPress Plugin

Once the customer makes the payment, an encrypted link will be automatically generated and sent to them. Buyers can click on the link and download their digital product from the link’s page.

Digital Paybox offers integration with multiple payment gateways, including PayPal, EgoPay, Perfect Money, BitPay, Payza, and many others. This allows it to accept payments in not only bitcoins, but also with credit cards and debit cards.


Many of you already know Coinbase as one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. But, did you also know that it helps merchants accept Bitcoin payments?

Coinbase is used as a payment processing platform by close to 50,000 businesses worldwide. It is trusted by the likes of Dell, Wikimedia Foundation,, Dell, Expedia, and thousands of other businesses. It supports payments from customers located all over the world. This is pure gold for businesses that sell digital merchandise. If you sell physical merchandise, this is your opportunity to expand your business overseas as well.


All the bitcoin payments that you receive will be instantly converted into fiat currencies by Coinbase, thus protecting you from bitcoin price shocks. Whether you have built a website on an open-source platform like WordPress or have a custom-built website, Coinbase can be integrated on all of them.

Although Coinbase can receive transactions and process payments from almost all the countries in the world, it is available for merchants of only a limited number of countries.


GoUrl promotes itself as a bitcoin payment gateway/processors for websites. But, it processes a plethora of cryptocurrencies on your website, including litecoin, vericoin, paycoin, dogecoin, reddcoin, speedcoin, and many others.

The good thing about GoUrl is that it enables transactions for both digital as well as physical goods and services.
It is one of the most trustworthy and valuable resources for any website looking to accept crypto payments. It is completely open source and is available for download on


Its open-source status means that there is absolutely no monthly fee for using the plugin. It even comes with a very low transaction fee, which is often as low as 0%. Setting it up is incredibly easy too. It is available for a multitude of website platforms like WooCommerce, WordPress, and others. GoUrl allows the users to convert their cryptocurrencies into any of the 100+ local currencies and withdraw them.

An ingenious feature of GoUrl is that it allows websites to set up premium memberships for visitors. You could ask the visitors to pay a nominal recurring membership fee for viewing the premium content on your website. Alternatively, you can ask them to make a small, one-time payment to check out premium content on your website. GoUrl is one of the best cryptocurrency plugins ever created.

JCMW – Javascript Cryptocurrency Miner

This plugin for WordPress platform is a godsend for businesses, publishers, bloggers, and any other website owner who wants to make some additional money. This plugin is an advanced bitcoin miner, designed to use the computer resources of your website visitors to mine for coins.

You must remember the recent controversies surrounding the Piratebay, Showtime, and the likes, which were caught running mining scripts on their websites. These websites were running the minin scripts in the background, while their unsuspecting visitors had no clue that their computer resources are being utilized that way. The visitors’ computers do not suffer any kind of harm due to the mining itself.

JCMW - Javascript Cryptocurrency Miner
JCMW – Javascript Cryptocurrency Miner

But, the fact that the websites did not get the consent of their visitors before running the scripts led to all the controversy. In order to prevent such an instance, JCMW displays a banner at the bottom of each of your webpages announcing to the visitors that their computer resources are being used for mining.

Using this plugin is beneficial for both the website owners and the visitors. You can offer a complete ad-free experience to your visitors, and continue to make money out of mining for cryptocurrencies. This way, everybody wins. The javascript of JCMW mines for Monero coins.

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