Doordash Driver’s Requirements for 2019

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Doordash Driver's requirements for 2019

Doordash is a company that provides services to people who would like to satisfy their hunger by ordering food rather than going out to a restaurant.

They deliver to thousands of cities across the US and Canada from top restaurants. Doordash is currently available in all 50 states in the USA in over 4,000 cities and in over 80 cities in Canada.

So, if you are considering a job, which includes driving (such as Uber), you may also wish to consider Doordash as a more flexible option.

What is the job of the Dashers?

Delivery staff in Doordash are referred to as Dashers, who work as independent contractors for the company. The job of the Dashers is managed through the Doordash App.

Doordash App
Doordash App

The application is very handy and helps drivers complete their job according to full instructions. So, basically, there is no worrying about how to do your job. Just follow the instructions, and you are good to go.

Usually, drivers book their work shifts in advance or register themselves in open shift slots. During the shift, drivers are required to be available for delivery requests, which is received as a notification on the App. Full instructions on the restaurant are provided in the App to help with the food pick-up process.

Additional instructions about the delivery process are also communicated to the end customer. The details of this communication will include the address of the customer, phone number (to contact them if needed), gate access code, and all the information needed for the driver to complete the delivery successfully.

We will get back to the Doordash App in more detail a bit later.

Vehicle requirements

This is probably one of the best parts you’ll like about getting this job. The flexibility that they give their drivers is truly immense. Let’s take a look at some of these flexible requirements, which are quite minimal indeed. Basically, if your vehicle can move, you have satisfied the requirements.

  • No aesthetic requirements for the vehicle
  • Your vehicle can be as old as possible
  • No inspection of the vehicle is performed by Doordash
  • Motorcycles and scooters are acceptable vehicles for the job
  • Bicycles are allowed in some cities
  • You need to have an auto insurance

As you can see, almost everyone can take on this job if they own some form of a vehicle. You are not even required to own the vehicle you would like to use for the job, as long as you have adequate insurance in place. We will look into the insurance policy of Doordash below.

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If you are, however, interested in doing this job with a bike, Doordash does not list the cities where bicycles are an acceptable form of vehicle for the job.

You can find out if your city allows bikes either through asking them by email (write your email to [email protected]) or by completing the job application to see if bikes are a selectable option for your city.

Auto insurance

You need to distinguish between two insurances here – insurance provided by Doordash and your own insurance.

Doordash insurance is limited in its nature. It covers an amount of up to USD 1,000,000 in bodily injuries and vehicle damages of third parties (yes, this is not you!).

The timing of the accident is further limited, and the insurance covers up if the event happens during an active delivery, which, as they define, is the time when the driver is in possession of the goods to be delivered.

Are you also required to also have your own auto insurance? Yes, you are! Doordash does not explicitly state that this is a must for getting the job, but it does make it clear that they want you to have it because the law requires independent contractors to have their own insurance.

Bear in mind that a failure to maintain your own insurance properly in accordance with the law may result in quite some trouble, as in some instances, the Doordash insurance will not apply (as explained above).

Requirements for becoming a Doordash driver

  • You must be at least 18 years old;
  • Have access to a vehicle;
  • Insurance in accordance with Doordash policy;
  • Have a valid driver’s license;
  • Own an Android Smartphone or an iPhone (to access the Doordash App);
  • Pass a background check;
  • Volunteer your Social Security Number and;
  • Complete the orientation.

The background check

Doordash will run a background check on their potential newcomers to help their decision-making process. According to ex-Dashers, the process takes between 1 to 4 days. After you pass the background check, you will be invited to complete the orientation, which is the final step before becoming a Dasher.

If you are afraid of the so scary background check, I wouldn’t worry about it too much if I were you. An ex-Dasher (presumably) has claimed in a forum that he had been accepted for the job in Doordash, having committed certain crimes in his past.


So, if you are not a serial killer, it seems like they will most likely hire you if you satisfy all other requirements.

The orientation

If you have reached this stage, then Congratulations!! You are about to become a Dasher. You are normally invited to complete the orientation in person, however in the instances when your home city doesn’t have a Doordash office; you will be asked to complete this process online.

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The orientation is meant to teach you how to do your work successfully. It will only take little from your time (30-60 minutes); however, there is a lot you will learn that will help you in the future.

You may not imagine the importance of this until you work for some time, but it is really good to know the people in the office, know who your contact person is and establish basic communication with the people in the organization.

This is what you will get introduced to during the orientation session:

How to use to Doordash App to do deliveries;

  • How to schedule your work shifts;
  • How to use the Red Card (see below) to pay for orders;
  • How you will get paid and;
  • How to get support from Doordash if you need it.

If you are wondering what the Red Card is, it is a Doordash credit card, which you will use to pay for the customers’ orders at restaurants.

If you live in an eligible city that allows you to pass orientation online, you will receive an

Activation Kit
Activation Kit

 by mail. The kit is meant to teach you everything that you would have learned by attending the live orientation.

The Activation Kit includes 3 things:

  • Hot bag
  • Red Card
  • “Getting Started” Manual

How to request an Activation Kit:

When signing up for becoming a Dasher, indicate “Activation Kit” as the preferred orientation method, if applicable in your living place.

Select “Ship it to me” to receive the kit via USPS.

You will be required to complete a W-9 form for tax authorities, and an activation confirmation page will follow.

You will receive an email, which will communicate with you the details of the shipment’s tracking info to enable you to check the kit’s shipment status.

Note, the delivery of the activation kit takes between 1-4 working days from the time of your activation confirmation.

How to become a Dasher

Follow these 3 simple steps on how to become a Dasher.

Sign Up Page
Sign Up Page
  • Go to the Dashdoor sign up page and complete your profile;
  • Give your consent for the background check and;
  • Wait for the background check to be cleared so you can sign up for the orientation.

What’s next?

Here is a guide on how to finally begin your Dashing journey.

On the activation confirmation page, find the “Introduction to Dashing” video and watch it;

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Once you have received your activation kit, follow the procedures listed in the “Get Started” Manual as follows:

  • Download and install the app on your smartphone
  • Set up your Red Card
  • Declare the W-9 form
  • Schedule your first Dash shift
  • As soon as you receive the Activation Kit, the Doordash team will be notified about this, and they will instantly activate your Dasher account. At this stage, you will have nothing left to do, and you can go ahead and Dash.

How much does a Dasher earn?

I know you have waited for this moment for these numbers to be revealed, and you will get your answers.

The company explains its Dasher Pay Model through a simple formula, which states:

Base Pay + Promotions + Tips = Total Earnings

Now let’s look into each of these components of the total earnings to understand how Dashers make money.

Base pay

This is the amount of money that the company itself contributes towards a Dasher’s pay. The base pay depends on three factors:

  • Time;
  • Distance;
  • Desirability;

The pay can range from $2-$10 or even more variable with these factors. So, the longer the time it takes to complete the delivery, the longer the distance that needs to be traveled, and the less popular the overall delivery, the higher the base pay will be.


These are opportunities for drivers to earn more on certain events:

Peak days

Peak days represent days or even a few hours within a day that is particularly busy with deliveries. This means that the demand of the deliveries is high, and so is the price. This also has its effect on the drivers’ pay to motivate them to accept deliveries and help the company meet its increased demand.


Doordash has launched these challenges components of promotions, which will help Dashers earn even more money if they can complete the proposed challenge. This may be something along these lines – “complete 20 deliveries this weak and earn extra $25”.



The good news here is that the Dasher earns 100% of the tip, which can be tipped by the customer before or after the delivery. Moreover, Doordash will not decrease your base pay if there is a tip, even if it’s high.

Useful information to know

So, you can expect to earn from $14-$20 per hour on this job, while $25 per hour is not impossible.

Since Dashers are independent contractors, all their working expenses (such as fuel) are covered by these drivers.

Receiving the payment: Dashers are paid on a weekly basis through a direct deposit into a bank account. However, you can also opt to receive your earnings at any time with a fee.

Referring your friends to become Dashers

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Referral Page
Referral Page

Apart from earning your delivery pay, you can also earn money by referring your friends and family to become Dashers. This is a very simple process and can be done in 2 ways:

  • Referral on the sign-up page

Ask your friend or family member to mention your phone number when signing up. There is a field called “Referral phone,” where your phone number should be entered.

  • Referral in the Dasher App

You can also refer your friends using the App. Find the “Invite Friends” tab and choose the way you would like to invite (SMS, Facebook, and other communication methods).

However, Doordash also defines 6 conditions to be met in order for the referral to be considered as successful and your bonus to be transferred. Here are these 6 conditions:

  • The referrer should be a registered Dasher with good standing with the company;
  • The referred person should not have registered as a Dasher in the past;
  • The referred person should correctly input the referrer’s phone number or the unique referral link (provided by the referrer to the referred person);
  • The referred person should successfully complete the sign up application;
  • The referred person should complete the specified number of deliveries, which will be communicated via the Dasher App;
  • Finally, both the referrer and the referred person should have a good standing with the company as at the time that the bonus is to be paid to the referrer.

The amount of bonus differs from state to state, and this information can also be found in the Dasher App at the time of referral.

Why should I be a Doordash driver?

Basically, you own your own work. Be it full time, part-time, or sometimes, you are the one who decides on the frequency of your work. This is a perfect job opportunity for people who like flexibility or want to earn additional money during their free time at their own convenience.

What’s a delivery like?

Once a delivery proposal pops up on your App, you will see all the information you need to make your decision of whether to accept or decline the delivery. The information includes the amount of pay, location, the delivery deadline, and food pick up restaurant. If you accept the offer, there are steps as you complete the offer:

  1. Drive to the restaurant
  2. Pick up the delivery
  3. Deliver to the customer

What is the difference between food delivery and rideshare?

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With delivery, you can use any type of vehicle such as motorcycles or even bikes; and you also don’t have passengers in your car.

Do I need work experience to work as a Dasher?

The answer is to this question is simply no! But, if you have prior experience with similar jobs, this is a very flexible and beneficial opportunity to earn money.

The recap

Now you have a lot of information to make your decision.

It is obvious that the biggest advantage of this work is the flexibility that is available to the Dashers. We all dislike to be guarded during work and be told what to do. This is a type of job where no one can tell you when to work, and this is just too fun.

This can also be a great second job if you already have fun. If you have spare free time that you can use to earn money, then why not? You can get started with Doordash, but you don’t have any obligations to work.

The requirements for becoming a Dasher are pretty lax. The best part about the vehicle requirements is that you can also use a bike (in select locations, though). So, if you do not own a car, you don’t have to make a huge investment to get started with a job.

Overall, Doordash seems to be a good option for on-demand type of work. The benefits it provides are convincing, and hopefully, Doordash will not disappoint its Dashers.

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