is On Sale for $10 Million – Do you want it? is On Sale for $10 Million – Do you want it? 

This news gained much attention by media houses & it spread all around the globe. Famous cryptocurrency related news websites started to communicate over it. Till to date $7.2 million current bid is being displayed on its domain as on December 28, 2017.

It is interesting to note down that the domain was registered on March 11, 2011 at that time, Ethereum plate form could not established while it has no concern with the blockchain technology. Ethereum plate form launched in 2015 & in the year 2017, it became the biggest blockchain network that runs smart contracts & is being widely adopted around the globe.

On the cryptocurrency market capitalization Bitcoin dominates first position according to its demand & Ethereum ranked at the second position. However Ethereum blockchain network comes at first place because its applications are so powerful that enable developers to share global infrastructure & move funds in accordance to smart contracts.

Ammar said:

Domain – Investor Ammar Kubba expressed this thought that cryptocurrecny has become the major trend in domain-name & this trend has been rapidly growing much faster as compared to other domain names.

He further supported his argue that he purchased domain name “” in Eight hundred dollars ($800), few months earlier & its value has already been increased up to three times.

Ron Jackon stated:

The pervasive influence of crypto niche is speechless. It can also be determined when Ron Jackson, an editor & publisher for Domain name – Journal commented while discussing at Bloomberg that euphoria of cryptocurrency is analogous to the popular trend of (.com) before 2001.

Large numbers of Domains names with BTC & ETH have been registered at GoDaddy:

According to Bloomberg, the statistics of GoDaddy Inc. reported that the Domain names registrations with Bitcoin have increased to four times as compared to last year 2016. While Domain names, Ethereum have increased more than 5 times to the last year.

Do you want it?
Will it worth $10? Do you really want? To answer these question let’s examine Ethereum to determine its worth by reviewing its features.

Ethereum is a decentralized plate form that runs smart contracts. It launched in 2015. It is the competitor of Bitcoin & dominates the crypto market with market capitalization over $72 billion as on December 28, 2017.
Ethereum raised around $18 million with its pre-sale crowdfunding.

In the month of January 2017, it was traded around $8 price that hovered around $750, all time high prices recorded in December 28, 2017, showing 9275% gains in price during the year.

Ethereum is also a programming language that runs on blockchain which help developers to build & & publish distributed applications.

Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) is a global alliance to reputed companies pertaining to Fortune 500 enterprise & business corporations. Ethereum applications run on its plate form called ether. Ether has dual functions, it is traded as a virtual currency & also used as plate form to transmit transactions.

Ethereum network built on more advanced blockchain as compared to Bitcoin. It takes 13 to 14 seconds to complete block. However, Bitcoin completes its block in 10 minutes. This means the transaction rate of former is much faster than the later.

Notable features of Ethereum plate form runs smart contracts, supports programming languages, appealing attraction for developers to build applications, maintaining online digital identity of individuals or parties to strengthen privacy & performance improvement & open source decentralized blockchain solutions is the foundation for ongoing business industry standards.

Renting out computing power & free storage capacity to individuals & enterprises is a unique distinctive feature of Ethereum network, a live example is Golem.

Growing demand for domain names of Ethereum & Bitcoin:
The skyrocket demand for sale of is not new. Many investors have become millionaire by sale of popular domain name. Few examples are listed below:

  • sold at $2 millions: In the month of October 2017, Shajil Saleem another domain owner sold at $2 million that is considered at second to
  • sold at $250,000: Earlier to this period, Bitcoin wallet .com was sold by Niko Younts to a person named Alex, an Austin origin entrepreneur who purchased the domain name at $0.25 million

Some keen observers & domain investors register popular names relating to bitcoin, bitcoinwallet,, exchanges, Etheteum, blockchain etc. at low cost even at $10.

They maintain it for a long time observing the growing popularity & interest of people in that category. As the market of that niche reach at peak, they announce sale for domain name.

Nikomo Younts earned around $2 million by selling of domain names:
Younts has also been investing in cryptocurrency related domain names. He has earned around $2 million by selling of many cryptocurrency domains names.

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