Get Rich Slowly is Your Personal Finance Helper

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Get Rich Slowly is Your Personal Finance Helper

Living beyond your means is a challenge of a modern pace of life. Facing financial difficulties can be either rewarding or collapsing activity. Some of us give in before the discovery of workarounds.

Those who left seeking ways to dig out of money pits. Your problem may be that you have lots of goals to accomplish but your income cannot cover even basic needs. Once you need financial advice, experts’ tips and effective tools on how to deal with monetary problems, Get Rich Slowly is a lifesaver. 

As stated on its website this service is for those who crave greater financial freedom. It helps its visitors to find tips on debts, financial planning, investments, saving money, and many more.

Get Rich Slowly History

In 2006, today’s entrepreneur and businessman J.D.Roth founded one of the most reliable platforms for managing finances. Get Rich Slowly, through constant upgrading the content, sharing business strategies and aggressive self-developing tactics was believed to be a source to trust. 

In February 2009, for both financial and personal reasons announced that he was stepping down as an owner of the platform to focus on his private life.

He had two serious offers that made him negotiate the conditions of selling the website. After choosing the offer of one company, J.D.Roth wanted to leave the management of GRS as fast as possible. Nevertheless, he stuck there as a manager and writer till 2012

In 2017 he took Get Rich Slowly back and continues to build a personal wealth together with his thousandth audience. J.D.Roth since reacquisition of the platform still seek the ways of design upgrading. Because the “face” of GRS has not changed since 2006, after the years of absence, he also plans to rebuild Get Rich Slowly community. 

In the process, J.D.Roth became a millionaire who knows how to deal with money and who is ready to teach you his techniques.

Nowadays, the platform reached the number of 427K total visits per month on average.

Among his other works is “Your Money: The Missing Manual”. Also, he wrote a monthly “Your Money” column in Entrepreneur and articles for Times magazine. Together with his friend he created a course called Get Rich Slowly, an ultimate guide aimed to help people to get rid of debts. 

So, Get Rich Slowly is a perfect tool to become financially independent and free of debt. Boost your income by reducing your spending. Create a business plan like a pro.

Today’s J.D.Roth Lifestyle

Today’s JD’ lifestyle may resemble careless one but the point is that it is just well organized. He still works at big annual conferences and participates in interviews.

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In 2013 he spent lots of time to organize World Domination Summit, a conference held annually in Portland, Oregon. Where speakers from around the world share their success stories. Also, he writes columns for Entrepreneur and Times financial blog. One more activity is his new creation More Than Money, where he posts his writings.  

More Than Money
More Than Money

The rest of the time, J.D.Roth focuses on getting his life in order. Traveling, constant moving, settling down were the results of his past few years transitions. Since 2007 to distract from routine, he with his wife traveled the world, including Africa, South America, Europe and so on. The places which positively influenced him and gave the possibility to stay loyal to his creation. 

Nowadays, JD’ revealed to experience imposter syndrome from time to time. A state when a person doubts his accomplishments. But once he goes back to his area of expertise, he can handle it. 

Blog Overview

Get Rich Slowly website is made in a blog style. It has a user-friendly interface with few sections. Among the most important features is Money Toolbox.

Tools aimed to calculate net worth, and to create personal statements, etc.

Also, there are lots of articles about getting rid of debts and tips on joining the club of successful people. The website is divided into 6 major sections which ease the browsing of the necessary information.

Besides, the articles which you may find at Get Rich Slowly deal with the next topics:

  • College-related fees
  • Retirement strategies
  • Web Monetization
  • Self-made histories
  • Car loans

If you are looking for inspirational stories, search the website by inserting your keywords. Founder tries not to overload the pages with the same subjects. Moreover, it is possible to subscribe to new blog posts by email.

No spam – ever is their promotional lure. 

It is worth mentioning J.D. Roth is actively participating in commenting and leaving his feedback below the articles. It gives the feeling of a “live” discussion compared to robotic blogs without any comment. 

Let’s overview some of the most helpful sections at GRS which are Resources and Travel Cards.


Managing budget plays an important part in our lives. This service gives few optional solutions to this by providing with certain trusted tools.

Your Money Toolbox
Your Money Toolbox

Boosting sales, cutting costs, analyzing an entity’s performance are among them. All of the tools he uses every day and offers you to try them as well. 

The keys to mastering your money are:

The calculating document is divided into two parts, which are The Assets and The Liability. 

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You simply input your data in a spreadsheet, and it calculates the final amount. 

PDF format file, which serves as a sample of how to motivate yourself during the struggle.

You should write your example by answering similar questions. For example, How would you like to live in the next 5 years? In fact, this is an exercise based on Alan Lakein’s work, author of personal Time Management methods. 

your personal mission statement
your personal mission statement

The main idea is to set your goal and mission. J.D.Roth mentions that after finishing this exercise, it is necessary to relax for a few days and then come back to put it into practice.

This tool is helpful to sort out your feelings and to help you to find out why making savings and investing the money for the future can contribute to your life. 

As a guideline, it gives you hints on how to reach money independence. Its task is to demonstrate to you how to:

  1. minimize your spending
  2. maximize the income
  3. invest your profit
  4. build a wealth

You simply input your goals and describe the lifestyle. Thus, it will formulate a clear idea of where you should start.

A poster, where J.D.Roth stated the road to financial freedom.

The Road To Financial Freedom
The Road To Financial Freedom

It covers 6 important stages on the way to reach financial independence. More in detail, he described this method in his article. Climb your career ladder by following these steps. 

  • philosophy summary

This tool concerns, in particular, his philosophy and affirmations, which he followed every day of his life. Once again, a user may read it and formulate his one.

  • detailed guidelines on financial freedom

At last but not least, this tool comprises all the information on the website in one book. So, you may use it as a bedside book.

After you’ve completed the revision of the tools, proceed to the blogs, podcasts, and other websites mentioned on the same page. Find your way of learning finances.​

Travel Cards

If you are planning to have a trip and cannot choose the optimal hotel to live in accordingly, this is exactly the section you may be interested in. Get Rich Slowly shows the rates and bonuses you get once you turn to a particular option. This tool contributes to your savings and expenses. 

A calculator chooses the best deal for you. For example, you click on airline, hotel, and the card you hold, after that you get several best options where you can save your money. 


Quickly compare the services, and choose the best one. All the rates and fees clearly stated in an intelligible manner. 

Advice From J.D.Roth

During his life, he came across several lessons which he follows and recommends you to try them as well.  They contributed to his well-being, success and an accomplished organization in all aspects of life. Check some of them.

  • Have the courage to pursue your dreams – it concerns all your goals which you put away for later. Do not let work deprives you of having fun.
  • Change is good – It’s all to the good.
  • Self-care is a priority – Eat healthy, exercise.
  • Do not take anything personally – criticism is what people cannot stand in themselves, not in you.
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With the help of these motivational phrases, J.D.Roth tried to make people understand that all that he has now is self-discipline and big sacrifice every day.

If a user visits his blog to find the solutions to manage the problems, it will not work just by reading some articles. Anyone should have a strict plan on every single day.  Make friends with finances, gain knowledge of the theory and the practice of this field and get rich slowly.

What Does Media Say? 

Get Rich Slowly offers a Press page to review feedback by media sources, though it is only for those who are still hesitating if this tool is worth trusting.

With the rapid growth of the blog, J.D.Roth’s name was mentioned mostly by all the financial press organizations. And he is believed to be one of the headliners to refer to in case of money decisions.

As per Chicago Tribune, Get Rich Slowly is the website worth your time. Again SmartScholar promotes this blog to gain financial independence which will result in monetary gain.

Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune

Besides, Time magazine named Get Rich Slowly as the Best Blog of 2011. Harry McCracken, a writer of Time, mentioned that this website is an ultimate philosophy on how to manage money. Emphasizing J.D.Roth’s motto that “Money is about mind, not math.”  

Among, other references are Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.

Press room
Press room

Besides, J.D.Roth was honored to speak to graduates at Western Oregon University.

Get Rich Slowly Earnings

The JD’s success story was overwhelming, once he had a $35,000 debt and had to feed his family and himself.

Thus, he came up with an idea to create a blog where he can share his plan on money independence and of course to earn some by running it. The second month of the platform showed that he made $85 and the next income was already $500. And now the amount is going up with lightning speed. The estimated net worth of the platform is $7,6 million.

In fact, this platform does not bring you money but teach how to earn them. J.D.Roth serves as an example of how to have an unbearable debt and end up being a millionaire.

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He was making gobs of money until he sold this project. Now while bringing the company in his own hands back again, he works on the website and multiplies his income.

Interesting facts

It is not a regular blog that was done by paying to online helpers. But a personalized tool founded and developed smartly. Besides, J.D.Roth is not shy to reveal interesting and funny facts from his life which are:

  • He holds a degree in psychology.
  • Get Rich Slowly celebrates 13 years of activity this year.
  • Once he spent $1500 on a frisbee.
  • He started blogging in 1997 until he came up with Get Rich Slowly. He used to blog about cats, comics, computers.
  • GRS does not promote chargeable services.
  • $5000 was the first price offered to sell GRS at.
  • The company which bought GRS then offered to J.D.Roth to buy it back.

All the funny and sad stories made a big impact on his life. During managing Get Rich Slowly, he also mentions to experience friends’ loss, difficulties with family, but all that had happened to him made him who he is now. 


There are few main competitors of GRS besides hundreds of average blogs about finance education. One of the most popular platforms covering tips on financial strategies is Wise Bread.

Get Rich Slowly Wise Bread
User-friendly blog. The “face” of the website is old-fashioned. Lots of call-in-action buttons, and few ads and pop-ups
Comfortable interface striking to look more as a service platform than a blog. Ads no pop-ups.
Estimated Annual Revenue (for 2018)
$3,2 million
Articles mostly based on J.D.Roth’s history of managing debts, mortgages. Other topics are of financial advice and reviews of the most useful tools aimed to manage money.
Only articles on financial subjects with a fun approach to them. Reviews of tools, applications, etc.
Total Visits
427K per month
2,6 million per month
68 employees
61 employees

Nowadays, both Get Rich Slowly and Wise Bread have their audience. If a person wants to read a personalized review on a financial problem, it is better to refer to the J.D.Roth’s blog.

If there is a need for financial tips, advice and general information, Wise Bread may be helpful. 

Final Word

It took me a while to write an honest opinion about this service and J.D.Roth activity together. Turning to a comparison of Get Rich Slowly with its competitors, pushed me to say that this blog is a tool that you will come across one day of necessity. I took Wise Bread a website that resembles the goals of J.D’s creation. Comparing both of them, Wise Bread as for me has a more appealing interface but non-personalized content. It means that in J.D. Roth’s blog I would definitely find his well-tried advice to manage my financial condition. 

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Now the conclusion popping up is Get Rich Slowly is an excellent resource for people who opt for financial independence, who struggle with savings and expenses. They need a coach or inspector if it is possible to say like that. The person-oriented on their success and whom they can rely on once facing the difficulties.

If you have a precise desire to start managing money, it will help to start this journey by demonstrating you motivational statements and affirmations. Its tools aimed to ease your calculations. So, in fact, all you need to do is put your numbers, write your goals, and the system will automatically show the results. 

Although, there is only one disadvantage of this platform. Get Rich Slowly will not bring you the money in hand. It is considered as a con because in today’s internet society emerging hundreds of online services claiming to do that. So, people looking for easy ways should thumb through it.

Once again, if you are ready to face all financial decisions on your own without giving responsibility to others, get ready to follow JD’s advice. 

So Get Rich Slowly and do not let the money make you feel miserable.

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