How To Become A GrubHub Driver? [Guide]

How To Become A GrubHub Driver? [Guide] 10.10.2019Leave a comment
How To Become A GrubHub Driver?

We are living in times when science and technology make dramatic improvements in our lives. Many companies are taking missions to make our lives more comfortable in the aspects which we’ve never considered before.

The level of development in transportation, medical support, education, communication, and many more areas of our lives cannot be compared to what we had a decade or two ago. With rapid globalization and with people trying to stay in pace with the speed of time, services and products are becoming readily available for us. 

Now, let’s think about something we all enjoy doing – eating. Culinary was and always will be a form of art. Preparation, cooking, and presentation of food is a hobby for many of us. However, we all love the process of tasting the food.

The number of restaurants in the USA was around 660,755 in 2018. Many of those restaurants now offer delivery services to help us get our food when we have no time to go there ourselves or when we want to have our cozy evening at home.

Number of Restaurants: 660,755

However, not all restaurants have a delivery service. That’s why there are companies that help connect the restaurants with the customers. One of those third party delivery services is Grubhub.

It is an American food ordering and delivery company operating on an online platform and helping us to get our food delivered from over 95,000 available restaurants.

The key staff helping this large business to operate and complete its mission are, of course, the drivers who work directly with the deliveries and customers. Now we’ll try to figure out how and why to become one.

Are you interested? Let’s get started.

Instructions on becoming a Grubhub driver

First, let’s discuss the general requirements for becoming a Grubhub driver.

As it is mentioned on their driver support website, they want to cooperate with people who are positive, extremely good communicators, and punctual. Despite those not-very-measurable requirements, there are some more tangible ones.

All Grubhub delivery partners should be 19 years old or older and over 21 if they are planning to work in Chicago. The driver has to have either an iPhone which operates with iOS 10 or higher or a phone with an Android operating system of 5.0 or higher.

Grubhub for Drivers
Grubhub for Drivers

To be able to use the phone for deliveries, the driver should have a data plan. The delivery partner should also have a checking account to receive direct deposits.

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People who want to make deliveries with a car, have to have a driver’s license for at least 2 years as well as car insurance.

For those planning to use a bicycle for deliveries, a valid state ID is required.

If you meet all the requirements mentioned earlier, you can confidently step into the application process.

Sign up page
Sign up page

To start the application, go to the website and begin filling the sing-up form. Those include personal data, state, city, vehicle type. If the city you want to work in has a driver shortage, then you will continue the application. But if they are not currently hiring drivers in that city, you will need to wait until new vacancies are available. After setting up your profile, you will need to go through a background check. Grubhub is checking the education, employment, driving, and criminal histories of its potential partners to ensure the safety of its customers.

After you complete all the checks and receive an approval form GrubHub, you’ve reached the stage of driver onboarding. The session is either done online or, if you live in a city where it is available, you can go there personally. The onboarding includes slideshows covering different topics, including information about the company, about scheduling time blocks, making deliveries, some tips for new joiners, and about the payment process. The purpose is to educate new partner-drivers and help them start their job.

Grubhub recommends its drivers to set up direct deposits to receive their payments easily and quickly.

The last step to start the job is to pick up the equipment – the delivery bag.

If all steps are completed, then congratulations. You can start working and earning with GrubHub!

Block scheduling

Schedule blocks early! Although it is optional, drivers who schedule blocks are prioritized over those who do not. By scheduling your blocks, you will be able to receive more orders and possibly have higher earnings.

Now let’s go through the process to see how it works.

The scheduling process requires no effort and can be done with your mobile application. Each week you will receive a message noting that the schedule for the upcoming week is ready and available for you to choose yours. So, go and open the app right at that moment to have more selection opportunities.

Tap on the button “Scheduling” on the menu. It will show that you have nothing yet scheduled. Tap on “Update schedule”.

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Grubhub for Drivers
Grubhub for Drivers

Then it will show you the dates and times to be scheduled. On the left side, there are blue plus signs for the hours which can be selected. On the right side, it is written how many places are left. You can pick however many hours you want by tapping on the plus sign.

Grubhub for Drivers app

If you have successfully added your preferred time to your schedule, a message in green will appear, saying that the block is added. However, if others choose those blocks seconds before you select it, a message in red will appear on top, notifying that the block is no more available.

Grubhub for drivers

If you mistakenly added a block and want to remove it, press on the minus sign. You will see the message, “Block dropped.

You can update your blocks later during the week, by selecting from the ones available and dropping the one you have already selected. For late drops, you will have to provide a reason. And it is not recommended to make late drops frequently since that might result in a driver shortage.

Grubhub for Drivers app

If you have successfully created your schedule, then good luck! Hit the city roads and start earning.

Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Grubhub driver

Let’s be honest and realistic. No job is all rainbows and butterflies. If working was about rest and chill, we would call it a vacation. To make an earning, you have to put your effort and energy.

For the results created by that energy and effort, you receive the money. And the fact is that there is no job having no drawbacks, no disadvantages. To decide whether or not you should take that job, you need to consider all the pros and cons and understand if the pros for the job exceed the cons.


1. You can create your schedule

It is totally up to you at what time of the day you need to work. Do you enjoy long morning sleeps? You’ve got it. You can work during the afternoons when there are lots of orders at lunchtime. Or if you want to have your lunch and grab a sandwich with a friend, you can choose to work in the evening. It is entirely up to you.

And this is probably the strongest advantage. The possibility of setting up your own schedule will give you a sense of freedom.

2. Flexibility

Although you choose your schedule you are totally flexible with changing it. One day you may feel like working in the morning. The other day, you may be free in the evening and spend that time earning some extra money. Flexibility here is a big luxury provided to you to enjoy every day.

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3. You are your own boss

Well, you can take a breath. No one is standing there, giving you tasks and directions. The stress of having a boss breathing down your neck is eliminated. Although there are some guidelines and rules that Grubhub asks you to follow, those are to ensure positive driver and customer experiences. So, if you are working as a Grubhub driver, you are fully responsible for your decisions and accountable to no one but yourself and your customer. Enjoy it.

4. Want some extra paychecks?

As it was already discussed, you have total freedom and flexibility with time. It means that there are no such things as half or full working days. If you already have your full-time job from 9 to 5, there is no need to leave it. Go to your primary job, earn your fixed money, and work after or before your job to get some extra cash.

5. Minimum earnings are guaranteed

The food delivery service depends on 2 factors: the number of orders and the number of drivers. Both figures are variable. For example, it is evident that during lunchtime there will be more delivery requests than, for example at 10 AM, when people are working. During lunch, the driver demand is high, and each driver receives more orders. But what if you, as a driver, are waiting for orders and none comes?

In some cities, there is a fixed amount that drivers receive so that they do not strongly suffer from the low pace of orders. However, to enjoy this benefit, the driver has to be qualified. Qualification is earned based on acceptance, attendance, and block drop rates. The high level of acceptance and attendance rates and low level of block drop rate will make you a Pro or Premier driver, which will give you the advantage of receiving early access to scheduling blocks, which was discussed earlier.

6. New places spotted!

Grubhub cooperates with around 95,000 restaurants across the nation. That is a lot. Your hungry customers will order from various restaurants letting you discover new ones for yourself. You can learn the best and hidden spots in the city and later enjoy dinner there with a friend.

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7. If you are an introvert…

Many people enjoy going to work for socializing with their colleagues and customers. But what about those who prefer working on their own instead of working in a team? Driving at Grubhub can be the right choice.

You spend your working time in your car, on your own, without a boss and colleagues. You’ll need to make a short talk like “Hello,” “Bon Appetit”… Your hungry customers want their food, not a conversation. 


1. Unpredictable salary

As we have already discussed, there are days and hours when there are many orders. However, there are also times when you want to work, but there are few orders, so not all drivers receive those. These fluctuations of demand can be disappointing, because you might be wasting your most valuable asset – your time, on waiting. The good thing is that as you get more experienced, you will better identify hours with high or low demand. Moreover, as it was already recommended, start scheduling your blocks as scheduled drivers are given a priority.

2. Pay your taxes

It may sound complicated and difficult. As an independent contractor, you should calculate, report, and pay your income tax at the end of the year using the 1099 tax form. To make your job easier, write down your expenses related to your vehicle insurance, maintenance, gas, etc. This should be written prior to calculating your taxes.

How do I access my 1099 tax form?
How do I access my 1099 tax form?


Most companies have understood that the interests of customers fuel the business. They focus their efforts on making their customers happy and satisfied with the provided service. In addition to that, Grubhut wants to make sure that the partner-drivers are responsible and care for customer needs. To make them act more responsibly, penalties apply if a driver cancels orders or rejects to accept. From a driver’s perspective, it is a drawback. Many things can occur and make the delivery impossible or difficult. It can be, for example, a car accident or bad weather. As a result, the driver’s score strongly suffers, and so does the order level. 

4. Difficult customers

Dealing with unhappy, unsatisfied, or capricious customers can be very difficult. Things may occur, resulting in late deliveries or deliveries of wrong items. Those things can be out of the driver’s control. For example, the initial driver might cancel the order, and another driver has to go and pick it up. Or restaurant workers can mistakenly put something different. Just try to keep your calm when you are being blamed for those things. Apologize and leave. You do not need to enter into an argument with the customer. Remember, they are hungry and might be nervous. 

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Driver reviews

We’ve already agreed that doing a job cannot be only about fun. Some advantages and disadvantages are already mentioned. Going through delivery-driver reviews on an online platform, you can see that the above-mentioned points are once again confirmed with driver experiences.

Of course, many people have mentioned that this is a great side job opportunity for those who want to earn some extra cash while having a primary job or school classes. Someone even mentioned that he would be working for longer hours when he retires because the job is low-stress and relaxing.

The majority of reviewers are satisfied with the pay. They are telling about earning $100 in 7 hours, or $400, with 40 hours of work in a week. Of course, the income data strongly depends on the city and scheduled times.

Many people were not satisfied with the expenses occurring during work, which have to be covered by them. Those include gas, oil, vehicle maintenance costs, or payments for the roads, etc.

They are also concerned with the fast increase in their vehicles’ mileage. Moreover, for the canceled orders, drivers receive no compensation for the gas or time.​

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