How To Become An Uber Driver?

How To Become An Uber Driver? 08.10.20193 Comments
How To Become An Uber Driver?


It’s not a hypothesis, but a mere truth that information technologies are changing our traditional lifestyle into something more simple and time-saving. From shopping and communication to education and banking, our lives have changed significantly in the 21st century. Transportation is not an exception, be it airplane ticket purchases, registration, bus schedule information, etc. But in our fast-moving world, time friendly experiences are what we appreciate the most.

One of the main players of the field is Uber Technologies Inc. With a very simple business model, it has transformed transportation and our everyday experiences. The majority of us are familiar with the Uber system, but for everybody else, let’s quickly understand how it works.

On one side, there is a driver who goes online anytime s(he) prefers. On the other side, there is a passenger looking for a car. Once they request a ride, the closest driver receives a notification on trip request, which, in case if wanted, should be accepted within 15 seconds. The trip begins when the driver takes the passenger.

They pick the location, and the ride starts. At the end of the trip, the driver presses “End trip,” and the payment is calculated within seconds. It can be paid either by cash or by card. After the full experience ends, the driver and the passenger rate each other.

How to become a driver in Uber?

The criteria depend on the city you want to drive in. But some essential requirements are that you should be 18 years old or older and have a clear background.

Do you meet these two requirements?

Then let’s get your documents ready!

First, go to and fill your personal information.

Secondly, choose the way you want to partner with Uber based on your age and vehicle type.

Thirdly, upload a photo of your driving license.

Forth, upload a photo for your driver profile. In that photo, you should have your whole face and the upper part of your shoulders visible. You should be without a hat and without sunglasses. And smile for a friendly look.

Fifth, provide your Social Security number for Uber to do your background check.

For more information, visit the following link.

And remember to contact Uber in case of any questions. There can be many situations when you can’t find your answers on the internet, but Uber is there to help you.

Uber Requirements
Uber Requirements

Ratings and tips to be a 5-star driver

We all want to have our voices heard and our opinions considered. And rating and/or writing feedback on our experience with the ride is a way to share our opinion. Not only passengers but also drivers rate their passengers. This two-way rating system is aimed to provide the best possible experience for everyone.

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Uber Rating
Uber Rating

High ratings like high grades are desirable signs of feeling appreciated. But what if you receive a low rating?

Don’t worry.

Uber will share the feedback with you so that you improve the drawbacks and provide a five-star experience in your next ride.

Based on customer feedback, we identified several tips to consider for impressing your clients.

Don’t be late

Although a cliché, still anyone would state that time is valuable! When requesting a ride, the passenger usually wants the vehicle to arrive as soon as possible.

Of course, the passenger doesn’t want to wait. And as client feedbacks show, the late arrival of the car is one of the key reasons for a low rating and dissatisfaction.

How to avoid being late and making the client wait?

  1. First, go online and/or accept a ride only when you are already in the car. If you want to take a break, shower, or eat, go offline. You can go online/offline anytime you want.
  2. Secondly, use GPS – it will make your navigation in the city easier. You will use your time efficiently, and your passenger will be happy.

Attention matters

Small gestures of hospitality and attention are highly appreciated by clients. Anyone is positively impressed when a driver opens the door, or when s(he) suggests cold water on a hot summer day, or maybe a phone charger. Little things do matter, right?

It looks like the best uber driver in the galaxy
It looks like the best uber driver in the galaxy

Dress to impress

First, let’s note that Uber has no uniform and no dress code. You can take a breath here. But generally speaking, why do “important” people attend meetings in a formal and tidy outfit? Because, in people’s understanding, it shows commitment to a job or an event, seriousness, and respect to others. This is an unwritten law. Clean, tidy appearance, and good hygiene reflect your approach to the work you do. As simple as this tip may sound, think about your appearance.

Don’t ask for a rating. Earn it.

Imagine walking through the street and asking other people for a compliment about your appearance? Or asking for your colleagues to praise you loudly in the middle of the office? You wouldn’t do that, right? Because if you do, how would they react, and how would you feel about yourself after that?

So, don’t ask for a five-star rating from a client. It sounds annoying and unprofessional. Just do your job at your best and let your effort speak for you. Your service will be appreciated.

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How the earnings are calculated, and how much does a driver earn?

To understand the system of earnings, let’s understand how the payment is calculated. Be careful, the total ride cost paid by the passenger is not the same as the earnings of the driver.

First, let’s understand the formula of the fare calculation. The fare includes the charge for distance, time, base fare and booking fee (these two are fixed) and the surge pricing.

Passenger Fare = (base fare + time + distance) * surge pricing + booking fee

Surge pricing is higher than 1 when passenger requests exceed the available number of cars.

As the basic economic theory would state, when demand is higher than supply, the prices increase. The bigger the gap between passenger demand and vehicle supply, the higher the rate.

Also, be informed that Uber takes 25% of the fare.

Secondly, the net income from the ride is not what’s left after Uber takes 25% of the passenger fare. There are other expenses that the driver has to make to be able to continue working with Uber. Those include insurance, gas, vehicle maintenance costs, etc. According to statistics, around 25% of the fare amount is being expensed for ride-related fees.

In 2018, Ridester conducted a survey among 2,625 drivers to obtain reliable data on driver income. Drivers provided screenshots of their earnings.

The earnings summary based on the data provided by respondents is the following.

The majority of the respondents, 74.7%, were UberX drivers with an average median income of $13.7.

The second group was UberXL drivers, 16.4%, who, on average, earned $14.84 per ride. 6.4% of the respondents were drivers of UberSELECT, whose average earnings were $14.85 for a ride.

UberSUV drivers who were 1.3% of the respondents earn $25.38 per ride. The minority of the respondents, 0.8%, were UberBlack drivers whose earnings amount to $24.87 on average.

The payment rates and surge pricing strongly depend on time and place. For example, driving in New York is more beneficial from the perspective of payment when comparing it with a ride in a small town.

And a ride downtown on a rainy morning when everyone wants to get to work without getting wet, of course, will cost passengers higher.


But these earnings are not everything! If you had higher expectations, relax. There are more ways to earn money with Uber.

You can earn more by the referral program. That is very simple. You earn a referral bonus by referring someone to become an Uber driver.

To supplement your income with some extra cash, your referred person has to sign up on the Uber platform and complete a certain number of rides.

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What’s more, new joiners have a chance to earn a sign-up bonus, which is only possible if they have joined with a referral code.

Uber Form

The driver sign-up bonus is not paid via cash. It’s something different. When joining Uber, it says how much you will earn from a specified number of rides. And if you don’t earn the promised amount, Uber pays you the difference.

This referral program sounds like a win-win situation, right?

So, get creative with using your code. Firstly, tell people about it. Send emails to your contacts, share it via social media platforms, etc. Secondly, follow up on the process.

Offer your help to your referral drivers to get their applications approved. Of course, this second part requires more effort and time. But consider it a job and do it carefully.


It is not a coincidence that Uber is so popular among drivers and passengers. Drivers find Uber to be a good job opportunity, and passengers see the service as necessary support to their daily needs.

But here, let’s look at the Uber system from the driver’s perspective. What benefits does Uber offer that is so much appreciated by its drivers?

  1. It offers flexibility. The driver is his/her own boss. S(he) decides when, where, and how long to work and has full control over the schedule. Do you want to sleep longer in the morning? No problem. You can work in the evenings. You are a student with a complicated schedule but still want to earn whenever possible or whenever your workload allows you? No problem, Uber is there for you. This sense of freedom is what many employed people in other companies would crave for.
  2. You meet many people every day. You have incredible chances to interact with them, make new friends or connections, build relationships. You can do your job – riding, and have enjoyable conversations. It sounds like a stress-free work atmosphere, right? The time passes so much easier when you enjoy the process and your company.
  3. Every ride is directed to a new place, to a new destination. There might be so many places you don’t yet know about your city or its surrounding areas. And your passengers will give you opportunities to discover something new every day. Each new destination might bring freshness to not only your job but also to your life.
  4. Surge pricing!!! As already discussed, this is your usual earnings with higher rates. Just find the productive driver shifts and bingo! A tip: don’t miss big events and holidays.
  5. You can receive discounts from the Uber partner companies. Uber cooperates with companies to help you reduce your ride-related expenses. For example, you can get your phone bill discounted with AT&T or Sprint. It is so necessary because you need to use your phone while driving with Uber. Another example can be discounts on oil charges, which is another necessity for your ride.
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  1. As it was already discussed, you choose your schedules; you drive whenever it is convenient for you. However, your preferred hours might not coincide with the times of high ride demand. That is what the biggest disadvantage is. You might expect high surge pricing or lots of ride request, but find the fares to be lower. That happens when the number of drivers exceeds the number of passengers.
  2. Uber itself is a result of technological advancement, which was tended to improve our lives and offer a solution for our daily transportation needs. But we all know that the process did not stop. Technologies are developing, and our lifestyles are changing. Everything is becoming more automated, which might worry you as a driver. Autonomous cars may put your career of a driver under the risk.
  3. Although you will be your own boss, still there are people who can influence your career with their feedbacks and opinions on your performance. Those are your passengers. At the end of the ride, they rate you on a scale of one to five. You need to maintain a rating of 4.5 or higher to be allowed to work on the Uber platform. This might sometimes be very subjective. People can have subjective requirements and expectations, which will affect your rating. I will agree. But still, try to focus on your work and do your best. Good effort pays off.
  4. There are so many expenses connected with the workplace. For example, people working in banks are not responsible for their computer repairs, or people working on construction do not buy stones on their own. Unlike them, you will have to take care of your expenses on your own. The more you use your car, the more it depreciates. It causes the need for repairs and maintenance. You are also responsible for your own phone charges, oil, carwash, and parking expenses. All these fees will require a lot of money.


Many people have already had some working experience with Uber. Their reviews represent some honest insider views and concerns.

For example, a current driver from Atlanta says that it is a good opportunity for those who can work at different times and schedules. However, s(he) considers the background check to be unfair. He recommends the management to put more attention to comments and ratings of a driver than to the background check.

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Another driver from Dallas who has been working at Uber for more than 3 years appreciates the flexibility of schedule, convenience, freedom, and the fact of not having a boss. However, s(he) has some strong worries, too. Firstly, s(he) notes that the charges for driving on certain roads eat the profits. Secondly, s(he) finds taxes to be a high burden. Next, s(he)questions if the vehicle depreciation and high mileage are worth that work in the long run. And his/her last concern was about the gas, oil, and car wash expenses that again, strongly affect driver profits.

Another driver notes that working as much as you want is an advantage, but you should be ready for long downtimes, too.

The number of Uber drivers is dramatically increasing every year. This increasing demand among both drivers and passengers is the strongest indicator of the experience quality provided by Uber.

Of course, everything is very subjective. To find out if working at Uber is a good option for you, maybe you should just give it a try and form your opinion based on your personal experience.

Uber reviews
Uber reviews
Freedom and flexibility
Meeting new people everyday
Learning new things and places
Surge pricing
Discount possibilities
Passenger demands may not meet your expectations
Career risk from self-driven vehicles
Expense burden
Subjective and strict rating system
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