How To Become TikTok Famous? 16 Useful Tips And Tricks

How To Become TikTok Famous? 16 Useful Tips And Tricks 30.01.2020Leave a comment
How to become Tiktok famous?
Questions and Answers
When was founded?
September 2016
How many active users?
800 million
How many times downloaded the app?
1.1 billion
$176.9 million (2019)
Download: iOS , Android, Fire OS

Nowadays, Tiktok is one of a widely used and famous social platforms on the web. It is mostly used by Gen Z, where they can post as well as watch short video clips that go viral. Some of the most popular Tiktok video makers have millions of followers who watch the lip-sync, dance, or sing as they grow into high profile influencers at social media.

There are around 800 million active users in 154 different countries using the platform. It was the most downloaded non-game app on the iOS Apple Store, and in the first quarter of 2018 has almost 53 million downloads.

TicTok Statistic
TicTok Statistic

For such a large platform, it is not very easy to become popular right away. There are specific tools you need to take into consideration while developing your Tiktok account. Let’s see what the trends are and how you can become famous.

Post regularly

The best way to be trendy and stay relevant in Tiktok is to post at least one video per day, which will bring new followers to your account.

Making more videos and posting them on Tiktok is directly tied to gaining more followers and becoming famous in the platform. If you do not have an excellent idea for that day, stick to filming a short video and lip-sync while making it.

By taking a closer look at famous Tiktok users’ profiles you will notice that the latest they post next video is after two to three days. Make sure you do not lose your audience, keep up with the trends and create interesting content.

Pick a niche and stick to it

This feature is self-explanatory and one of the essential tools for becoming famous in Tiktok. Picking a niche is much more important than you may think.

Followers need a particular topic to want to follow you, and they do not usually see the point of making mixed videos without any core content in your account.

For that, you should, first of all, identify what is that you are best at or what is the current market trends that you can make use of.

Once you pick your circle, stick to it, do not experiment with brand new things in your TikTok account where users already love and follow you for specific content.

Let me explain how this works. If you open your account and start posting food videos, the audience follows you for that specific content.

@nishcooksPopeyes Chicken Sandwhich Recipe 🤤 #popeyeschickensandwich #cooking #delicious #food #recipes♬ original sound – nishcooks

If one day you decide to change your profile into video game Tiktoks radically, you will lose your audience as they probably did not initially follow you for video games, but for the food.

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Connect with other TikTok users

Communication is always the key to getting more followers and becoming famous. Surely, you cannot expect someone to follow you right away if they are not familiar with you or your content.

Scroll their feed, like their videos, or leave a comment saying what you most like about their content. This is not only a great way to gain more followers, but you can actually make friends and ask about expert advice.

TikTok App
TikTok App

Keep in mind that Tiktok is a social platform, you do not merely post a video and watch others without interacting with them.

This is an excellent opportunity for meeting new and creative people, making collaborative videos with them and gaining more followers.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most critical tools in many social media algorithm systems, including Tiktok. It is part of the ecosystem that makes it easier for your content to appear in other people’s search results.

Basically, whenever you want to post the video, study the trendiest hashtags that are mostly searched throughout Tiktok.

TikTok hashtags

If you do not use them, you can be sure you are missing hundreds of thousands of views that would otherwise be seen.

Be consistent

Your aim is not to produce as much video as you can per day. After all, quality overweights quantity. So, it is better making one quality video sticking to your niche than thousands of videos, which can barely gain more followers.


Making duets is another very useful and trendy tool active users do in Tiktok. By default, the platform allows you to do a duet with anyone you like, even the most famous influencers around Tiktok.

@__micel76__Baby whisperer #duet with addisonre #laboranddelivery #laboranddeliverynurse #nurse #hospital #tessa #trendiing jaryn_brooke #wasntpoop♬ Shake Dat (feat. Lil Jay) – Loui

Collaborate with your friends or followers who have more massive fanbases. These users can post your collaborative video on their feed and tag you so that many of their followers will come to get acquainted with your page.

Study the top influencers at Tiktok

Before starting a profile, what you need to do is carefully analyze the profiles of the most famous Tiktok users. All in all, studying trends meaning studying top influencers’ profiles.


Make sure that you take a closer look at how they develop their content, who their audience is, and their success story.

If you already know your niche, you can start searching for influencers in that sphere and understand the uniqueness of their profile and videos specifically.

Do not rush, take your time for creating a quality video

Even though you may notice Tiktok has videos that are short in time, it takes a great amount of time and effort to shoot and edit it. If it is a lip-sync video, you want to be sure that there is no second in the video where there is any inconsistency between syncing and the song.

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If you are doing a duet with someone, it is more complicated than you imagine. People shoot videos in four or five hours, editing and shortening it to several seconds.

So, do not rush, take your time to make a quality video which is accurate and pleasant to the audience.

Organize contests with winners having gifts

Organizing contests in social media networks for gaining more followers has become more popular over the years.

Bloggers usually make contests where the contestants follow or like their videos (generally anything to increase more awareness in the platform).

TikTok contest example
TikTok contest example

As a gift, they choose to give a small present for the contest to be more attractive. This way of learning more followers has been very effective among many active users not only in Tiktok but other networks like Instagram or Facebook.

Spend time on commenting to other videos

One of the most common mistakes that vloggers and bloggers usually make is to pay more attention to the creation and posting of the videos to the network.

Consider that posting the video is not the final step of your channel. Tiktok is a social network, meaning one of the greatest ways to get more views and followers is by interacting with people.

If someone comments on your video, make sure you reply to them. Of course, if you have hundreds of thousands of comments, it would be very time consuming to reply to all of them.

TikTok account of Washington Post
TikTok account of Washington Post

However, the choice is up to you on which comments you choose to reply to. Additionally, comment on others’ videos too. If you see something interesting on anyone’s channel, write your opinion.

Sometimes it can be a word or two, like “Cool” or “Awesome” to let them know you value their work.

Shoot your videos at unique and interesting places

You may think the location of shooting your video is not very important for your overall content development.

Actually, it is one of the most important features while shooting a video not only for Tiktok but other social media platforms as well.

Followers pay a lot of attention to catchy and beautiful locations, and in fact, you will notice that the comments and reactions will be mostly connected to how beautiful the background is.

If your content is so that you travel a lot, this is an excellent opportunity for you to gain more followers as everyone absolutely loves exploring new places.

Your potential followers will also interact with you, asking about the location, how the place if you were on vacation, and so on.

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Focus on having fun and not becoming famous

If you keep thinking that becoming famous is the only reason you keep your account open in Tiktok, unfortunately, you will not be able to succeed. Users value honesty, above all.

So make sure you share the same values as your audience has. Many of the most successful Tiktok stars show their daily life in a simple yet funny manner so the followers get easily attracted.

Sing, dance, enjoy life and shoot a video while doing it, that is all Tiktok is about, showing your true self in a creative and joyful way.

Work hard

Gaining many followers is not an easy thing to do, especially in a large social network platform like Tiktok.

You should be ready to work hard and consider a while before you gain your audience’s attention. Make sure you upload high-quality videos at least three to five times per week, which sticks to your content and your audience’s interests.

Just an Example of quality
Just an Example of quality

In general, this is one of the greatest keys to gain awareness of social networks. Make sure you take into consideration all of the factors mentioned above, be yourself and take your time to edit a high-quality video.

You will see that after all, your hard work pays off!

Do not reply to negative comments

No matter how hard you try to please your audience, negative comments will still appear in your feed.

That is a normal thing you would notice even under the videos of the most popular top influencers of Tiktok. What you need to know about such comments is that you better leave it unanswered than defend yourself.

You do not want to turn your account into a “fight zone,” instead, ignore such comments and continue posting as you did before.

Most importantly, do not let negativity ruin your day or make you feel down.

Share your Tiktok videos at other social media networks

When you are new to Tiktok, and you have just uploaded the first video, you can share it on your Facebook or Instagram profile where you have more followers.

It is another great way to gain more followers and let people know you have a new social media account. Share your videos on as much social networks as you can.

Other than that, you can also ask your friends to support you and share your videos on their social networks as well.


Tiktok thrives on challenges. Usually, you will scroll your feed and see flashmob of the same video made by everyone.

One of the most prevalent challenges which went viral was the stair-step challenge.

Where you will see a person dancing up at a set of stairs in an elaborate way. These challenges are often community created trends, which makes the active users of the platform film and feel like a part of the community.

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Biggest Tiktok stars

Now that you already know what can lead you to potential success in a massive platform like Tiktok let’s see who are some of the most influential users of it and what they do.

Loren Gray

Loren Gray is one of the most famous Tiktokers with 38 million followers, which makes her the most followed person at Tiktok.



She will turn 18 in 2020, and by this age, she has already become a successful social media influencer.

Loren joined Tiktok in 2015 when it was known as, she started doing lip-sync videos and soon gained a large number of followers.

By now, she has released singles and nominated as Choice Muser at Teen Choice Awards 2018.

Kristen Hancher

Another famous Tiktok star is Kristen Hancher, who also does lip-sync videos and attracts her audience by her unique appearance change every once in a while.


Kristen Hancher on TikTok

Kristen Hancher(@kristenhancher) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. filming a MUSICAL.LY TRANSITION TUTORIAL ON YOUTUBE! Subscribe: Kristen Hancher || posting this week!

The most significant thing users love about her is that she is a risk-taker. You will see Kristen change her hair color or cut them short, or the last thing she did was getting bald.

Users love changes in the appearance of Kristen and say that is what makes her unique and more lovable.

Currently, she has 23.3 million followers, and the exciting thing you will notice in her feed is that the videos which got the highest views are the ones where she shows her new appearance for the first time.

For instance, you will see that the video where she first shows being bald has 1.2 million likes, whereas the previous one 167.6 thousand.

Kristen is a vivid illustration of how a social media influencers’ style means a lot to the followers.

Riyaz Afreen

The next famous person in Tiktok whom we will talk about is Riyaz Afreen, with 28 million followers.


Riyaz on TikTok

Watch the best short videos of Riyaz (@riyaz.14). 1194.4M people like this. 27.7M Followers. 39 Following. Actor🌹 Instagram: @riyaz.14 👆🏻 Use #DuetWithRiyaz for duets 🔥

Despite being 15 years old, he has established himself as one of the most beloved and influential figures on the web. Most of the videos he posts are in his mother tongue-Indian.

He collaborates with other prominent Indian stars in Tiktok, creating collaborative videos which make his followers grow even faster.

You can notice that three of the users, which we discussed above, performed several steps of which we have already talked about.

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More specifically, Loren created her account based on the thought of what she does best, which is singing. So her message is clear and it targets a specific audience, anyone who likes singing and dancing.

Kristen has chosen a trendy and fashionable way to perform her videos, which is changing her appearance every once in a while. Most of the time, followers watch the videos not for the content but for her new and trendy looks.

The youngest of all the three stars we have discussed is Riyaz from India. Collaborating with other famous Indian stars like Mr. Faisu or Aashika Bhatia made his follower’s list grow more significantly over time.

Final thoughts

Nowadays, social media trends develop so fast you need to catch up with it daily. Tiktok has become one of the primarily used applications around the world in about three years.

There are specific tools and techniques you can use to go viral on this platform. Some of the most popular tools are using hashtags, keeping up with the challenges, or making duet videos with influencers.

All in all, none of these techniques will work if you are not consistent with your profile. First of all, identify the type of videos you want to make. Is it food, video games, or dances?

After this, target your audience, study the top influencers in this sphere, and start developing your content. Always keep in mind that quality overweights quantity. It is much better to make a video per day that 4-5 videos that do not fit well with your content.

Take a closer look at all of these factors and be creative!

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