Interested Experiment with Buying Instagram Followers

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What actually happens when you buy those real Instagram followers off the internet lots of people have asked that before and today my friends we’re gonna you know go to places were not a lots of people are actually lots of people have gone before we’re gonna go to the dark places of the internet and see what actually happens when you buy those real Instagram followers.

Welcome back Internet people my name is actually Dominic if you’re new here this channel is all about social media growth you know growing your personal brand preferably or preferably lava on Instagram and you know I run a social media marketing agency and you know believe me. I’ve seen some thanks you know and that’s why I created this channel for you and that’s why we’re actually gonna figure out what actually happens when you butters fake followers because there’s been some actually some really interesting story that.

I want to tell you before we get into this whole thing anyway so you know one of my missions that I actually have here for you especially is to inform you out there that you know not all that glitters is actually gold especially in this social media field out there there’s some agencies there’s some sites out there to actually sell you lots of more glitter than they they’re actually is gold and a couple of days ago actually I came across this article about this musician called threatened and what he did it was actually to buy lots of followers.

For fans cuz you know you just go on some internet site you buy some fan some real fans cuz that’s what they promised right you got your fence and then you’re like oh I’m the real deal I’ve got lots of fans within 10 minutes you know the internet it’s a magical place right that’s why he went ahead and actually booked a tour in the UK and here in Europe actually and he’s actually based in the US so he’s like well now.

I’ve got so many fans you know I’m just gonna go book a tour over here in Europe because you know those fans you know those fans that you buy they’re actually real fans of course cuz you know the internet says they might actually come to your shows right because 40,000 people for example from England or wherever of course at least 300 of them are gonna come to show right well actually not actually he played to no one no one showed up and that’s not a joke he played to no one except for you know the support band and the tech people and maybe one person other than that and this is you know sounds actually pretty funny.

It’s actually kind of sad cuz you don’t know did he think these fans were actually real or did he think they were fake in the beginning you never know the chances could actually be that he actually thought that these fans that he bought before were actually real could be like he got lots of fall all of sudden in his analytics with an Instagram he was like yeah there’s lots of people like 70% of my people are from England from Great Britain and the other part are from somewhere else around Europe so he was probably like well you know.

I’m the real deal and you know if you do stuff like that you know don’t don’t get me wrong but you’re probably not the smartest person in terms of social media out there you know so he might have actually thought that these you know people were legit so he was like yeah all these people come from Europe and UK let’s just go there and make a tour cuz now.

I’m probably the real so either he was actually really stupid which probably is the case and threatened Jared threatened hello because if you read about this whole case you could end up reading for hours because this thing is so interesting it really is interesting what this guy probably has he put what in his head whatever or he was actually a victim of a scam of some agency.

Because lately there’s been lots of people coming to my agency actually in saying like okay I was with this agency in Germany there’s lots of them in Germany apparently they’re you know giving out those fake followers and stuff like that or somewhere else so he could have just been a victim too you know one of those agencies that you know requests big bucks and actually just send you for you know some fake followers for 20$ well so what does really happen when you buy one of those real if they’re followers on Instagram I’ve actually set up an account myself right now in a very cool niche by the way.

You’re gonna figure out we’re gonna buy those real followers and we’re gonna figure out life on camera life on TV you know what’s gonna happen so let me get into that my friends my active Instagram followers can also lead you to social media marketing what why buy active Instagram followers buy any package.

I got a hundred extra followers man and before eight hundred and eighty after a hundred thousand man how much does that cost they even say but 60$ for 10 000 followers man that’s like that’s cheap you got the hundred K 500 bucks nice very nice anyway I think we’re gonna go for the thousand alright just let’s put it in its pizza past uh cars also right so here can actually see we did get a lot of more followers than we initially bought we got almost 2000 followers and when you actually take a look at all these people that follow us well you know let’s just put it that way the quality you know they kind of look fake-ish you know some of them have you know 7000 followings so if they are you know I don’t know if they’re that real and active to be completely honest with you my dearest internet friends right let’s just you know go ahead post this whole thing cuz.

I’ve prepared an awesome post for you and you know it’s opposed to those 1000 and 800 followers and fans because you know there must be some likes at least if I have a thousand and eight hundred fans or followers right well let’s just see what happens tag a friend who loves this car and smash that like button yourself cuz you know that’s like a call to action and you know that should actually animate those real people to actually click that like button anyway let’s just.

See what happens what seems like not a lot to be honest some minutes pass still not a single like are those people not real people like they said did they they would just you’ll bite some sort of scam product it’s been six months fit six minutes since the little word I don’t deserve it well you got the idea well as you can see right now there’s not a lot of things going on in this profile in terms of likes in terms of engagement right and I really hate to break it to you my friends those people are not real they’re fake they’re BOTS.

Let me just tell you why it’s actually a really really bad idea to buy some real and active and engage followers on your Instagram account no matter how many followers you have right now first of all you’ve got to understand the instagram has become this sophisticated system in terms of you know social media of course and in terms of advertising space because that’s their main source of revenue the remains or source of income is actually you know generating some revenue through their advertising platform their facebook advertising platform and of course you know they’re gonna value some people a little bit more than the others because you know some people are just more valuable to advertisers.

So because of that they actually put some sort of measures in place namely some sorts of algorithms the algorithm that’s gonna throttle you if you do some weird behavior mainly because they want to know bad some sort of bodying behavior but ultimately which is what actually I think they’re really doing it because you know so you know people that use bots or you know those faith people and all people that try to skew the real numbers and stuff like that are actually bad for those advertisers because you know they’re not valuable anymore so let’s say you have zero followers.

Let’s say you just open up this account you have zero followers like you know our pizzas in passe and Cara’s account and all of a sudden you have the spike of a thousand new followers or almost two thousand new followers first of all that’s a pretty big indicator for the Instagram system already that there’s some some fishy things going on you know just a spike of almost 2000 people all at once and then you’re gonna as you might know the algorithm is gonna put people into different categories.

Why is it doing that first of all because of the whole user experience and stuff like that for actually you the users and second of all of course again for the advertisers you know so they have to know ok these people are interested in cars these people are interested in you know food or whatever right so you’re gonna put into the different categories probably heard.

A lot of times already on this channel but not just for you new people out there which should by the way if you’re new here just you know hit that subscribe button you know don’t forget that and they’re gonna look at you know your behavior your followers who are you interacting with who are they interacting with and they’re gonna put you alright and this account mainly consists of people that are into spaghetti stuff whatever you know with these fake followers.

You know there’s let’s say there’s almost 2,000 people that are you know BOTS there are not real people and they follow things all around the place we could see that some have 7500 following sometime seven little luck lots of different it’s actually not not real things it’s just you know people that accounts that have been set up in mass farm somewhere in India probably to actually just you know sell those what happens with this thing is the whole algorithm thing is gonna get confused they don’t know which kind of category they should put you actually in because you know you get all these likes and or in those case followers from all these different sources of different categories so you’re like alright well what we don’t know anymore and the second thing being is you know your whole engagement and reach is going to be compromised a lot because you know of course you get some new followers.

The algorithms gonna favor all these new followers that come to your profile a lot more you know because you know they’re like alright these are the these are a lot more new people that come to this profile of course they’re you know they want to see the content so naturally.

When you post a new picture the algorithms gonna show your post to those new people that came to you but you know the thing is they’re fake people in this case and you know none of these fake people are going to actually see this post we’re actually going to like this post like we saw right here because they’re serial expert and the algorithms gonna think like all right this content might not be good because no one’s liking it you know and the further you go along the worse that’s gonna get because every time you post a picture you know the people are not gonna like it especially those newer people that are weighted probably a little bit more and you know doesn’t matter.

If you have zero followers or even if you have 10,000 followers and you buy the thousand followers there’s still a thousand people and remembers reach think you know Instagram it’s not gonna show your picture to you all of your 10,000 followers probably only a hundred or fifty in the first five minutes right and those 50 are most likely gonna be those people that came to you in fluxing they’re recently in this case your fake followers so this whole system’s going to be skewed that’s why the whole engagement drops that’s why it counts I have no fake followers on them have a pretty pretty bad reach lately since why you actually should not buy those fake followers those fake likes not nothing at all and Deb is it actually good for your soul sure proof because a lot of times people ask me that you know.

What if I just buy 3000 likes for social proof for my new company for my new personal brand so people it appears that you know I lots of people follow me and you know this will result in you know more people actually following we did some sort of tests and we actually found out because of this whole algorithm thing and stuff like that this whole thing does not work any more it will compromise you way more people than you would actually get so don’t do that just go for the long term genuine thing you know in this whole social media world in my opinion.

Is naturally been slowly progressing towards being more genuine and you know be people being more authentic and stuff like that so though the genuine route you know people it’s okay if you don’t have that many followers if you appear right on camera if you appear in those pictures if you talk to those people if you you know build up some sort of relationships with them because you know in the end that’s all about you need to know build some relationships you’ll all be happy you have customers you have fans you have that all you need the relationships with every one of you out there anyway.

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