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Legacy Credit Card Review

Legacy Credit Card Review 22.10.2019Leave a comment
Legacy Credit Card Review

When choosing a credit card, the one main point everyone should take into account is their credit score. If your credit score is relatively high, then you have nothing to worry about, but when it isn’t, you’re in for some trouble.

The Legacy credit card issued by the First National Bank is specially designed for those with a low or bad credit score. It gives you the opportunity to build your credit score freely. But this card is unique in that it is an invite-only card, and you cannot just apply for this card online.

You must receive an invite via email, after which your application can be viewed online.


As we have made clear above, the most significant advantage of this card is the ability to build credit. If you build credit, you may start to apply for credit cards from more prominent providers that have cashback offers or sign-up bonuses. Another benefit of this card is that when you sign up for the premium membership, you save money on a wide variety of things, including dining out, entertainment, and even select medication prescriptions.

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Best Cash Back Credit Cards of 2019

You will start to receive discounts on travel expenses, including hotels and rental cars, which makes this an ideal choice for those who fly a lot, whether for business or pleasure. This program, however, is not free and will cost $4.95 a month.

A fantastic online platform also comes with this credit card. Once you are approved for this card, you will be provided with a Legacy Visa Credit Card login. With this information, you can to manage your account, change your alert settings, and view your account balance. You can also get access to your bank statements online, and your current payments being processed. PIN requests and profile management can also be done through this platform.

A huge customer benefit that we haven’t seen anywhere else is the Legacy Visa Credit Card’s Payment Protection Plan.

This means that in the case of the unexpected ( being fired, hospitalization, theft), you will be protected and won’t fall back on your payments until you’re back on your feet again. Once you have been a cardholder for more than 30 days, you will be entitled to this protection in case you need it.

First National Bank will pay the minimum balance of your card each month up to a maximum of $5,000 until you’re ready to pay again. You are not allowed to make more than one claim within 120 days, so keep that in mind.

First National Bank
First National Bank

The Legacy credit card is an unsecured Visa credit card, so you will not be required to make a minimum deposit. If you’re in a bit of a struggle with your personal finances, then this is the card for you.

There is also a small rewards program that comes with this card, where you will earn $1 in rewards for every $100 in net purchases made on this account.

These rewards can be redeemed one billing cycle after they have been awarded to you, and there are no limits or restrictions to how many rewards you can earn.

You must have made at least $25 in rewards to be able to redeem it as they can only be done in $25 increments.


Like all other credit cards, the Legacy card also comes with its drawbacks. With a high 29.9% APR on ¾ of the offers, this credit card will harm your finances if you don’t manage to pay your full balance each month.

For example, if you are only able to pay the minimum $30 and have a $500 balance left over, and if you continue only to make the minimum payment, it will take 22 months to pay the balance off and an extra $154 in interest. And this doesn’t even include the other additional purchases you’ll make during this period.

The Legacy Visa Credit Card comes with excellent benefits such as travel discounts and payment protection, but there are going to cost you additional money. When you have to pay for perks, are they really included in the offer? The payment far outweighs the benefits the cardholder will potentially receive.

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The annual fee for their three offers is also relatively high, and you can try applying for a card that has the same annual fee but with better rates and perks. You can even find cards with similar perks without the yearly fee.

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10 Best Credit Cards With No Annual Fee

On top of the yearly fee, there are also late and returned payment fees, which can stack up pretty high over time. Cash advance and authorized card user fees are also not cheap, but these are optional.

The credit limit is also considerably low for some people, but others say that the $350-$2500 limit holds them responsible and stops them from overspending.

Types of Credit Card Offers

First National Bank currently has four types of credit card contracts which you can choose from when signing up for the Legacy credit card.

Offer #1

The first offer includes a variable APR of 16.60%, according to the Prime Rate, which is decided independently and published in the Wall Street Journal annually. The Annual Percentage Rate for your cash advances is 25.90% once again, varying with the market based on the prime rate.

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Plan #1 (Offer #1)
Plan #1 (Offer #1)

To avoid paying interest on purchases, you are required to pay the money you’re due at least 25 days after each billing cycle is closed. If you have paid your entire balance by the due date monthly, you will not be charged any interest on purchases. But, if you are charged interest, it will be no less than $1.00 as that is the minimum charge.

There are no annual fees for this offer. Transaction fees for cash advances will be either $10 or 4% of the amount transferred, depending on whichever is greater. For foreign transactions, you will be charged 2% of each purchase in U.S. dollars. Penalty fees include late payment and returned payment fees, both of which will cost you up to $25.

Offer #2

Offer number two has a higher APR of 29.9% but in its turn, also has no minimum interest charge. Once again, if you want to avoid interest payments, you must pay your entire balance at least 25 days after each billing cycle is closed.

Plan #2 (Offer #2)
Plan #2 (Offer #2)

This account includes additional fees that Offer #1 did not have. It costs $75 annually to keep this account open, but you will only be billed $6.25 monthly, so this won’t cause a significant dent in your finances.

The transaction fee is 2% of the amount of each cash advance. Late payments and returned payments can cost you up to 2% of every single cash advance, just as in Offer #1. You have the opportunity to add a second authorized user to this card, which will cost $20 annually.

Once getting approved for this card, you will be issued a Visa card with at least a $350 credit limit, which you can build up to a maximum of $2,500. If you make your payments on time and keep the account in good standing and maintain your profile, you will quickly build up your credit score. You always should keep in mind that the set-up and maintenance fees may be charged straight up, so your balance to use will be lower than the credit you were qualified for.

Offer #3

This offer is very similar to Offer #2 about most of the terms. It also has a variable APR of 29.9% and no minimum interest charge. The annual and authorized fee is also the same, $75 and $20.

Plan #3 (Offer #3)
Plan #3 (Offer #3)

Penalty fees and transactions fees remain unchanged. However, you will be issued a Visa card with at least a $350 credit limit up to a maximum of $1500 and not $2500.

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Offer #4

The last offer has a variable APR of 29.9%, as well. There are no minimum interest charges on this card. With this card, there is a $75 annual fee and $20 authorized user fee.

But, some of these set-up and maintenance fees are going to be calculated beforehand, so once you get your card and start using it, you will have a reduced amount of credit available initially.

Plan #4 (Offer #4)
Plan #4 (Offer #4)

For example, if you are assigned the minimum credit limit of $400, your initial available credit will be only about $325 (or around $305 if you choose to have an authorized user). Transaction fees will cost you 2% of each cash advance you make. Late payments and returned payments will require you to pay up to $25.

Offers 2,3, and 4 qualify you for the travel discount program mentioned in the benefits section and will cost you $4.95 monthly.


The main complain users have with this card has to do with the customer service. One reviewer says they were thrilled with the card and even got a credit line increase in 6 months, but when they called for a question about a wrong charge, they got rude replies and no help at all.

Others feel similarly saying they had no problems at all with the card, yet when a problem arises with a charge, they sometimes couldn’t even get picked up when calling customer service.

Other cardholders praise the online payments that you can set up to be done regularly, so you will never have to worry about late bill payments or fees. They also find it super convenient that you can log in with the information you will be provided without having to bring out your credit card each time.

One lucky customer even got their late fees waived and said that they are “more than willing to work with you on the annual fee.” Another positive review tells about how they went bankrupt, and this bank was the only one that would give them credit. They have now owned this card for four years and have worked up to a higher credit limit, which suits all their needs. Their annual fees have also been waived since the second year for being a loyal customer.

Alternatives to consider

As far as we can see, this credit card has some considerable drawbacks, so we are here to offer you other unsecured visa cards to consider. The Capital One Quicksilver One Credit Card is one of the options if you’re looking to boost your credit limit while enjoying the rewards.

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Capital One Quicksilver One Credit Card
Capital One Quicksilver One Credit Card

There are a $39 annual fee and a variable APR of 26.49%, but you also earn unlimited cash back rewards of 1.5% on every purchase you make. In the first five months, if you pay all your dues on time, you can easily increase your credit limit.

The Citi Double Cash Credit Card gives you the opportunity to earn cashback twice. When you buy something with Citi Double Cash Card, you will immediately receive a 1% cashback. An additional 1% will be given to you if you pay off your debt on time.

There is an introductory 0% APR period for the first 18 months, after which it will become 15.99-25.99% according to your credit score. There are no annual fees on this card, which is highly beneficial.

You also get other perks such as fraud protection and identity theft solutions, so you will never have to worry.

The Horizon Gold Card is not your typical credit card, but rather a somewhat a store card. It is aimed at those with lousy credit, hoping to improve their credit score safely.

But keep in mind that purchasing opportunities are limited with this card. Horizon Gold is a catalog card, so you can only buy items from Horizon online outlet.

Even if you have bad credit, you are still eligible for this card and will have an annual percentage rate of 0%. The annual fee is pretty high and comes to around $300 a year, but you will only be charged $24.95 monthly.

Once you build your credit score high enough, you can move on to other cards with better benefits and lower fees.

The Total Visa Card is designed specifically for people with poor or fair credit history and will help them improve this number. The application is super easy, and everything is done online. You get a response to your application within 60 seconds of signing up. If you’re approved for this card, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $89 to keep the account open.

For the first year, the annual will be $75 and then will become $48 afterward. The Annual Fee will be calculated before you begin using your card and will reduce the amount of credit you have available initially.

If your initial credit limit is $300.00, you will start off with only $225.00 of credit. Your monthly payments will be monitored and reported to all the major credit bureaus, and if you’re responsible, this will be the perfect opportunity to improve your credit score.

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The APR on this card is 34.99%, and if you’re charged interest, it will be no less than $0.50.

Our verdict

Your credit score is definitely going to be one of the most important numbers of your entire financial life. Anywhere you look for a card, you are going to be asked about this number. If you started your credit card “life” early and had the opportunity to build it up as you go, you are one of the lucky ones who won’t have to worry about being rejected.

If your current credit score is low, you must take action to try to build it up by using cards from less prominent providers such as the Legacy credit card. If you’re struggling to get a card and have nowhere to go, we highly recommend this card.

Your limit may start off low, but don’t worry because if you act responsibly, this will start to increase. You might have to use this card for a significant amount of time but consider it an investment into your future, as the opportunities will be more diverse if you build your credit score.

But, if your credit score is decent or good, we urge you to consider other cards as this will have no benefit for you at all, and you can find better rates, better benefits, and lower fees with other cards.

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