3 ways you can make money from cryptocurrencies Today

3 ways you can make money from cryptocurrencies Today

It introduced an odd technology for digital born people that has changed the traditional ways to make money. Blockchain technology that proved a breakthrough in the world economy. Blockchain technology shaping up cryptocurrency, virtual currency which possess significant value of store for money. Cryptocurrency introduced digital form of currency that can be produced by mining of block through art of cryptography.

Twinned with the fact that high returns on investment in virtual currency despite of its volatility nature, the currency became successful to capture attention of the public around the globe. They started to invest into it & the volume of its clients’ base increases with each ongoing day.

There are multiple ways of making money from cryptocurrency, we should discuss the three most appropriate & tested ways to make money from cryptocurrency. These are:

  1. Launch an ICO with thousands & make millions
  2. Invest into most reliable ICOs
  3. Invest into trusted Cryptocurrencies

Let’s discuss each way to make money from cryptocurrency

1. Lunch an ICO with thousand dollars & make million dollars

It is estimated that $3.25 billion of funding raised through ICO startups in 2017. Besides this, Gartner’s researched findings revealed that over 25% of world organizations will run smart contracts.

Early adopters of the blockchain technology gained affluent money by launching ICOs. ICO is similar in concept to IPOs. In order to launch IPO, company has to go through a series of strict regulations & compliance by regulatory bodies like Security Exchange Commissions (SEC).

They issue shares to raise money. In case of ICOs. Blockchain based company issues virtual tokens called ICO tokens. It is not regulated through SEC however some measures have been taken to secure investors’ money. ICOs companies raises fund which receive from ICO token supporters or contributors in form of donations. Tokens are issued at discounted rate before its appearance at cryptocurrency exchanges. When it launches, it offers bonus to contributors.

For instant & easy returns on investment, ICO startups is an effective way to make lots of amount with investing little amount. It is the easiest way to make enormous money within a short span of time. The need is to design a well- structured business plan.

According to Ambisafe Inc. a US based corporation, offers ICO services, it reported that with spending around $40,000 ICO company can generate fund raising estimated $10 million dollars.

2. Invest into the most reliable ICOs

Before investing into any ICOs. Three things must be considered carefully to avoid any scam & to get maximum return on investment

  • Professional team working behind the project
  • Technology that can address provide appropriate solution to existing problems
  • Whitepaper -There is a viable business plan that can generate real value for investors

For instance, First German Fintech company listed on Frankfurt stock exchange issued ICO token that last till December 15. Naga group is well known group that has good market reputation. It issued its token with a purpose to unite financial, cryptocurrency & gaming markets.

Good examples of some ICO projects are:

  1. Ethereum decentralized plate form raised $18 million by issuing ether tokens
  2. Golem, renting out individuals computers computing time around the globe, it raised 8$ million within 30 minutes.
  3. Similarly, Firstblood, e-sports decentralized plate form raised crowdfunding around $5.5 within 10 minutes.

Convert your fiat currency into BTC & Ethereum first

To purchase any ICO token, user/contributor need to convert fiat currency with digital currency using leading cryptocurrency exchanges for example;

  1. Coinbase
  2. Bitrex
  3. Poloniex

Contributor cannot buy ICO’s token simply sending BTC or ether from cryptocurrency exchanges account to the address of ICO. For execution of this task you need wallet that has address & using private keys which remains in user control, user can receive tokens.

For instance, use Coinbase – cryptocurrency exchange to purchase btc or ether & then move currency to the wallet of Coinbase.

Moving currency to the wallet that has btc or ether address & private keys of this address are in possession of user. When user or contributor deliver btc or ether to purchase ICO token at the address of ICO through your wallet, you would get tokens at your address by using keys that remains in your control. Usually, ether is used to get token in ICOs.

Transferring ether to ICOs address, “My Ethereum wallet” is better way. It allows user to interact with ICO company where user possesses full control of his private keys. Users can transfer ethers from Coinbase into the wallet with a purpose to invest in ICO. Similarly, if user use bitcoin then Bitcoin.info is the best considered option that offers controlled wallet features.

It is the best way to invest into ICOs that offer token at discounted rate during pre-sale offer before launching at cryptocurrency exchanges later it gives bonus & its price increases many times from its original price.

3. Invest into trusted cryptocurrencies:

Crypto-industry exceeded over $647 billion market capitalization as on December 22, 2017. The market shows that people has accepted reality of digital currency. Bitcoin, the first currency dominates first position that has touched the height of $20,000 which was traded around $800 a year ago.


Within a one year, it attained 2400% price gains. It is high volatile in nature despite of this fact with somewhat fluctuations it continued to rise up. Early adopters of bitcoin became millionaires.

The best practice is to hold bitcoin for a long time or invest into it with an intention to invest for your retirement plan. This would give a massive return on investment i.e. thousands become millions & millions into billions.

Ethereum decentralized plate form is second to the Bitcoin, Ethereum blockchain network runs smart contracts. The most widely used blockchain network around the globe. Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) is the group of most reputable companies using Ethereum network.

In December 2016, it was traded around at $8 that surged over $800 in December 2017. It achieved an incredible price percent gains around 9900%. This is the most reliable currency. Returns on investment in Ethereum is countless.

Bitcoin Cash that emerged into cryptocurrency with fork of Bitcoin classic. It appeared on crypto exchanges on August 01, 2017 with around $250 & touched to the height of $4000 just in 6 months. The blockchain technology behind Bitcoin Cash is more advanced than Bitcoin. It offers an extensive security & instant payment mechanism.

Similarly, top 5 to 6 currencies at coin market cap website are considered tested currencies that give lucrative profit.

Day trading techniques:

One cannot get full advantage of investment returns from cryptocurrency until unless he / she should not familiarize with daily trading rules. Day trading means a trader enters & exists into the cryptocurrency market at same day with a purpose of buying coins at low prices & selling at high prices at cryptocurrency exchanges.

Sometimes, market observed huge price swings. In all cases, day trader has to set a proposed strategy of buying & selling. Day trader should not keep all its egg into one basket. Day trader would not invest all money on one coin. It should invest in more cryptocurrencies. With far sightedness, day trader observes the daily trend of the market in the beginning of the day. He / She takes some time to adjust the market than purchases coins at low prices & selling at high prices.

Sometimes market show huge price swings. In both cases of market situation; bullish & bearish. Day trader has ability to secure its profit margin. Day trader has to follow a successful trading strategy means continue cryptocurrency trading by securing profit around 2% to 3% & loss should not exceed over 1%.

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