Penny Pinchin Mom Review

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Penny Pinchin Mom Review

What’s it about? Story and growth

If you are wondering where to start when learning new skills of financial management, Penny Pinchin Mom is the right platform for you.

The website can be helpful if you are eager to know about budgeting and ways to get out of debt. The founder of the website, Tracie Fobes, shares her experience of money-saving, ideas and strategies, latest deals at stores and online, coupon database and general tips to make your life easier.

Before the launch of the website, Tracie was a Pension Plan Administrator, and when she got married and had a baby she knew she had to quit the job and be a full-time mom.

Their family started slowly, by collecting coupons and saving a couple of dollars per month. Since then, she started to do more research and look for the latest deals and giveaways in stores which can help them to save even more.

Surprisingly, at the end of 2009, she was able to save more than $5,000. That’s when she started blogging to share her experience with people who may have a hard time saving and getting out of debt.

Over time she was being consulted as an expert and had interviews with famous magazines such as The New York Times, Forbes,, etc. Her story was very inspirational and made many of her readers to change their lifestyle, save more, spend less and re-evaluate their financial decisions.

After 7 years, Tracie opened her webpage to teach others about how to run a successful blog, where to start and where to go.

Features of Website Penny Pinchin’ Mom


If you are new to budgeting, Tracie Fobes has a great introductory section on budgeting in her blog.

Firstly, she explains in what way budgeting is important. She says that it helps you control your spending and gain financial control. Budgeting doesn’t only refer to those who have loans and need to pay off the debt.

Everyone needs budgeting and organizing their financial life accurately. That’s why Tracie has created a budget template for you so you can start doing it right now! Essential things to consider before creating a budget is determining your monthly income and expenses.

After doing so, you start optimizing expenses and see whether you can cut off on some things.

Fobes also tells that after creating your budget the most important thing is how to stick to it.

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You should constantly monitor and check your budget goals, whether you are overspending or achieving them, this way it would be easier to know how to decrease your spending and save more.

Money Saving Articles

Tracie highlights the importance of teaching upcoming generations about all the stuff before they leave home. Based on the parenting approach she shares, her children are doing laundry, they also clean and cook. Apart from home chores, kids should also learn about financial decision making from their parents. Tracie pays huge attention to this as she doesn’t want to see her kids doing the same financial mistakes she did.

That’s why she has found a very useful course called Family Money School, created by parents, for parents to help them teach their kids about money and how to make smart financial decisions.

The course fee is $67. So, if you are thinking of helping your kids to be financially literate from an early age, this course is worth a try.

Financial Reboot Course

If you have a debt to pay off and don’t know whether you can save that much to return it, this is the course designed for you.

Financial Reboot Course
Financial Reboot Course

Financial Reboot is a self-guided and a carefully crafted course to teach you how to budget and lead you from one stage to the other on the way of getting out of your debt. It will also give you a detailed understanding of how to use your financial assets not to end up in the same place for the second time.

Tracie highlights that what differentiates this course from others is that they don’t just solve your problem but they are much more than that. They care for your financial well being and want you to make wise decisions for the future as well.

Coupons and Deals

In this section, Tracie has collected deals and coupon offers from various stores across the US.

The deals include “Buy 3, Get 1 for free”, “Save 1$ for each of your purchase”, etc. If you can’t find good deals at the supermarket or grocery, Penny Pinchin’ Mom is the one place you can see all the information at once.

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Recipes and DIY

Not only Tracie shares financial management advice on her website she also writes articles on food recipes and do-it-yourself posts. She thinks there are many things in our lives which we could do ourselves but we choose to pay more money for other people to do it for us.

Recipes & DIY
Recipes & DIY

This will also help us save money for the future if we start making some stuff ourselves at home. From her posts in this section, you can see how detail-oriented Tracie is. She shares posts from do-it-yourself Christmas ornaments to posts about creating your own Halloween costumes.

When you first read the title of the posts you may think this is a very hard activity to perform. Then you read her posts and realize how many things we buy or ask for someone else’s help when it is really simple and we can do it ourselves as well as save some money.

Home and Family

Tracie’s love and loyalty to her family are on top of her priority list. She believes that whatever she learns should also be taught to her children to be fully prepared for adult life.

Home and Family
Home and Family

This section includes many interesting articles for children as well as adults. One of the most useful articles for parents is how to trick kids to stop asking you for money. Tracie says there are a lot of controversial thoughts regarding parents paying children for doing chores. Some may say that is a weekly task they are supposed to do, however, Tracie thinks, that from an early age children should be taught to earn money rather than to ask from “Bank of Mom and Dad”.

As there is no other job children can do at that age there is only left household chores to earn money. For that, Tracie suggests a very useful application called BusyKid, which allows parents to allocate their kids’ earned money into 3 different categories- give, earn, spend.

Many financial experts have referred to Tracie Fobes’ story of paying off $35,000 and establishing such a useful blog for people. Penny Pinchin’ Mom has appeared on media on both local and national level.

One of the people who got inspired by Tracie’s story is Howard Dvorkin, a personal finance expert who shared Penny Pinchin Mom’s success story in his webpage Tracie told Howard that her inspiration for launching the website was helping people because we can all learn so much from each other and that her story may be an inspiration for the other person to start changing their lives from now on.

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Dvorkin finds Tracie’s empathetic talk about the current job highly inspiring. She organizes tough talks with people who are going through hard times in such a way that you want to listen to every word she is saying.

Another article about Tracie Fobes’ story is posted on The article tells Tracie’s story of going from $35,000 in debt to blogging superstar.

Even more, right from the start, blogging was not on top of the first jobs she was thinking of, rather a platform to share her experience and help other people to overcome their hard times.

Another interesting question was what her thoughts were about businesses that fail and what is the main reason that happens. Tracie sees the trend of bloggers seeing someone doing great on their website and starts to copy what others have done to look similar to the successful ones.

According to Tracie Fobes, that’s one thing a business may fail. “You are you” as she mentions, no redoing or copying is required to have a successful and active blog. Instead, you can think of something unique that no one has ever thought of and focus on innovating and improving it.

Another article showing how Tracie Fobes tells her real-life experiences and connects to its readers by sharing trustworthy advice can be found on The secret of success is that Tracie can see and feel her readers. She has empowered more than 250,000 readers to start gaining control over their finances. The first lesson she learned and wants her users to implement is to start “cash-envelope budgeting”. She’s learned this from her friend when struggling to pay her debt.

According to Tracie, if you want to grow and achieve your goals you should be open to changes. Penny Pinchin Mom’s growth was not an easy and fast way for Tracie Fobes.

She says site visits and ad dollars were not showing financial progress. That’s when “Kansas City Penny Pinchin’ Mama” was rebranded into “Penny Pinchin’ Mom”, and soon the growth of the website followed. Readers feel Tracie’s sympathy toward their problems. Her willingness to help everyone is inspirational. She tells that no matter what she is always true to herself and stays real, that’s why readers always tell her, “We feel like you’re our best friend”.

Before making any partnerships with brands Tracie does her detailed due diligence to see what other people think of it, what’s the brand mission and vision, and if somehow it doesn’t share her same principle and put readers and family first, she rejects the partnership offer.

Earnings of Penny Pinchin Mom

A blog is a very hard and fast-growing place, where you need to constantly update and track your readers’ needs.

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Tracie has rebranded Kansas City Penny Pinchin’ Mama to raise awareness and enlarge her target audience.  A Penny Pinchin Mom report on the website states that the number of estimated visitors per day, month and year are 13k+, 250k to 450k and around 4.8mln accordingly.


Financial blogs with so many users usually make $10k – $30k a month, and most of their revenues usually come from affiliate marketing. Among other revenue streams Penny Pinchin Mom has a nice little shop section on the website where it offers forms and planning kits to make budgeting and planing seem easier and more fun for the readers.

Tracie hopes that over time more and more people will be attracted to her interesting ideas and articles to become financially literate and to share their knowledge with their family.

Interesting facts

One of the most interesting facts about Tracie Fobes is that before the launch of Penny Pinchin’ Mom, she had no idea of what a blog or blogging was.

She says that when her friend told her she should start a blog, she immediately googled what the blog was. Her passion and willingness to help other people to get out of hard financial times made her create a blog, which would soon become a lifestyle for many.

The reason that many followers refer to her as a best friend is that Tracie understands the hardship they are going through and tries to simplify the problem by sharing very simple daily things to do, which would help them to be in a financially stable place.

Not only does Tracie share financial advice on her website she also can be a guide to prospective bloggers. She has helped many people to make a living blogging. The consultation with Tracie is for free and she is willing to answer any of your questions.

Her blogging posts include how to start writing a perfect blog post, how to write a perfect About Me page, the real costs of blogging and monthly expenses you need to cover. You can find answers to all of those questions by Tracie Fobes on her webpage.

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The website is very simple and user-friendly, containing most of the answers to your questions. The founder of the website is willing to help you learn to budget, get you out of debt and be smart in making financial decisions.

The problem many of us have is that we are busy thinking about what are we going to do today and how to make the best out of it. The truth is, whenever we think of what we are going to do after 20 years and how to make the best of those years we should also start making smart financial decisions.

Tracie Fobes has created this amazing website for people who are concerned about their money management skills. If you want to control your financial assets and save for the future it requires you to create a budget and stick to it for the next few years.

It’s also important to teach your family members and share with your lifestyle of saving and spending effectively. Tracie shares her story for us to know that it is possible to change our lifestyle. When and how to change it is in our hands only, however, Penny Pinchin’ Mom will be a perfect guide throughout the entire journey.

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