The College Investor Review

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The College Investor Review

What can be more disappointing than the lack of money for a college or university? Probably nothing if talking from a students’ point of view. To get a degree in the U.S is a chance to get a well-paid job and to provide yourself with a decent income in the future.

Let’s talk today about one blog which promises to help to deal with financial issues. The founder of the website himself struggled with debts but managed to get out of them just in three years.

Is it possible to repeat his example?

How Did It Start?

The College Investor is an online tool dealing with tips on how to get rid of students’ loan debts and start multiplying your income.

Founded in 2009, by Robert Farrington, the today’s American millennial money and student loan debts expert.

At first, the website began to operate as a blog issuing investing tricks and loan solutions. All started from school times when Robert heard some scaring advice about money management.

Front Page
Front Page

And after that, his principal target was to share his transparent ideas on finances along with their pros and cons.

He insists that investing is the fundamental key to build wealth from the start. Besides, Robert warns that there are neither unique techniques nor life-saving ideas that will contribute to getting rich quickly.

All is up to constant hard work and patience. So, it will take time to stabilize financial life.

Who Are Sharing Wealth Together With Robert?

The team of The College Investor comprises 7 key persons who daily cope with financial targets and share solutions with their audience. They are:

  • John Frainee – the Editor, writing the financial articles for the blogosphere since 2012.
  • David Hathaway – Social Media Manager, checking the quality of the content on all the social network platforms.
  • Chenell Tull – SEO Manager, dealing with the analytical side of The College Investor.
  • Monica Louie – Facebook Advertising Manager, spreading the ads throughout the platforms.
  • Hannah Rounds – Writer, making reviews on most of the products.
  • Brett Romero – Writer, providing with daily financial content.
  • Gertrude Nonterah – Writer, giving expert feedback on side hustling.

What about blog popularity? According to statistics, there is not much information on its net worth. A user can only find the next details:

Statistic from
Statistic from

Besides, as per Evergreen Profits, The College Investor gets 1,6 million visitors per month.

One more project which is directly relevant to The College Investor is Loan Buddy service. Robert is involved as a Co-Founder in Loan Buddy, and mainly it is a website where students learn extra ways of getting out of the loan debts.

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Or, there they may turn to the experts who will solve all their problems connected with those debts.

Content Features

The College Investor website is an effective tool if a student needs qualified help with financial problems. The interface is comfortable and there are only a few sections that are enough to be knowledgeable in finances.

Latest Posts
Latest Posts

On the main page, you can find trending articles with today’s headlines that should attract the attention of readers. By the way, there are no emerging ads that can distract your reading.

The team of the website set two main pages on the top of the website that comprises all the loan-related products and helpful tools to try to calculate on your own.

The main idea is that before turning to other experts Robert and his team encourage their readers to try managing money spendings and expenses themselves. So, check them out.

Products Page

Robert Farrington claims that all the products, including books, courses, and guides are well-proven and thoroughly researched. And if after purchasing a product, you find it useless one, he guarantees to refund all.

Books, Courses, Guides
Books, Courses, Guides
  • Courses. There are two free courses and two chargeable ones. But the price starts at $9 and they are affordable for each segment of the population. There you may check the ways of profitable investing or tips on loan forgiveness.
  • EBooks. As of now, there are only two books but they can be considered as ultimate helpers to deal with debts step by step. Student Loan Debt and The Ultimate Guide To Saving For Retirement both are available on Amazon. While reading the book find tips on saving money, and discover what is the purpose of savings for retirement.
  • Guides. 4 comprehensive guides on IRA and ROTH IRA contributions, retirement account, internship expenses and loan debts. You may find out how to avoid confusion about your future tax situation. A student will come across information about how to get ready for the interview of his dream, and the tips on making eye-catching cover letters and resume. Also, find the answer on how to repay your student loan.

Free Tools Page

The College Investor posted tools that Robert uses for his financial operations. With the attached list of them, you can learn to do proper investing and track your expenses and savings.

Free Tools Page
Free Tools Page

Moreover, in case their readers are not aware of which tool is suitable for their case, they are free to contact the team and get help. Also, keep in mind, The College Investor informs in advance that some links are affiliate ones and they get compensation when users click them.

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Best Offers in May, 2020

Lender APR Loan Amount Loan Term, Mo
3.99% – 35.99%
$1,000 – $100,000
24 – 84

4.73% – 35.99%
$1,000 – $50,000
36 – 60

59% – 199%
$500 – $10,000
9 – 36

5.99% – 24.99%
$5,000 – $35,000
24 – 60

5.99% – 35.99%
$500 – $5,000
3 – 36

Moreover, Robert Farrington demonstrated his setup of the financial tools he currently uses. A student is offered to try Credible to check for the refinancing of loans. For law-abiding people, there is a tool to manage taxes, Taxact. What else?

For readers comfort, there is quick navigation of tools:

Some of them are:

  • Student tool to buy textbooks for college at a cheap price or buy the A-grade class notes.
  • A tool to earn money from writing the articles. Avoid writing for free.
  • Course to get profit from driving. How can Uber bring you extra income?
  • Guide on creating your website. Check free domains and start your profitable blog.

Robert also shares the list of books that inspired him. For example, one of them is The Snowball by Alice Schroeder, a success story of Warren Buffett.

Features and Services

Student Loans

Dealing with various loans sometimes can go flop because students are not fully aware of all the optimal solutions. Nowadays, lenders offer hundreds of repayment methods.

And any person seeking help may find online loan forgiveness programs. The College Investor claims to help to understand the route plan you should start with. So, once you click the first section of the website, you see such a wake-up call that incites to do the next steps.

At first, it asks you to discover their well-tried strategies to decrease your monthly student loan payments. For The College Investor team, it does not much matter what type of loans their readers have, either private or federal, the website issues hacks to cope with any task. Then, a person should activate their course.

All he needs is just to sign-up by email. 


What can be better than thinking of a careless future in advance? The College Investor promises to teach you how to take control of finances, and start preparing extra savings for your future. As per them, investing is the key to financial independence.

Again, anyone by using their service can learn to do all types of investments. They teach people to be competent in cryptocurrency, real estate market, funds, etc.

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To get full information, the service offers to sign up for a FREE course.

Investing Page
Investing Page


Moreover, The College Investor shares the ultimate guides on how to do investments starting from school or college, and when you are in your 30s. Extra information shared there are crowdfunding strategies.

How To Earn Money Page?

There a user learns the ways to enlarge income by saving the money. There is no extreme advice to living on $0 per month but hacks on how to cut the spendings and afford luxury goods. Multiplying income is observed from a frugal point of view.

Time and money are considered as two main aspects of building wealth. But how to manage them both and feel yourself money independent. The College Investor shares tricks on how to earn more at the job, and how to become a successful entrepreneur.

How to Earn Money Page
How to Earn Money Page

Also, a student may challenge himself as a side hustler by having a passive income on his terms. Writers speak of Drive For Uber, selling stuff and even micro-tasks online which bring money. Otherwise, a user learns how to make the first step to entrepreneurship. Start your business, run a company.

Figure out which platforms to use to set up a blog and how to earn from the first month of its activation. Also, Robert hints on his favorite passive ways of extra income.

Save Money

All of us used to spend more than we earned, which resulted in facing some monetary difficulties after. Start optimizing spendings with The College Investor. The team shares the tools that may be effective for anyone to start saving money.

They again made a comfortable navigator:

Saving Money Page
Saving Money Page

Find the best savings and, CD accounts, and their rates. One of the services they offer is the mortgage calculator.

Media Center

Robert Farrington was mentioned by a tremendous number of media sources that he avails on his press page. Among the main popular media, there are Fox 2, USA Today, US News, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, and The New York Times. Besides, he writes a column for Forbes where he covers educational, loan debts topics.


According to the Part-Time Money platform, Robert Farrington is

“Robert is the quintessential master of his money. At such a young age in his early 30s, he’s showing us all how it’s done. Impressive.

Fast Company ranked The College investor as one of the six best platforms for taxes. Market Watch highlighted Robert’s idea to use a tax binder as one of the secret weapons for taxes.

Besides, he has several podcast interviews that users may find on his media center page. And he participated in Radio Airs, such as CBC 2 Pittsburg, and Fox 2 News St. Louis.

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The College Investor Nowadays

What can be said of today’s Robert Farrington activity? As per his description of himself, he is passionate about his family which are wife Lisa (they are married for over 7 years), one son and one daughter.

He is found of FinTech, and currently watching the latest Marvel movie. Robert lives in San Diego.

In March 2018, The College Investor organized a student loan debt movement, where around 3,400 of their readers both paid off and eliminated $1,430,599 in student loan debt. This movement only spent one month to achieve a goal.

His blog is now read by over 3,5 million readers per month. The most liked and ranked as the top-visited pages and articles on his website concern loan forgiveness, side hustles, investing after college topics.

Besides, as per their social networks activity, their audience is constantly growing and as of today, it is:

Robert also mentions that over 20,000 people have subscribed to The College Investor newsletter.


Interesting Facts

There are a few interesting facts Robert mentions himself:

  • Side hustling allowed him to pay $40,000 debt in three years.
  • When Robert was only 13, he wanted to do his taxes on his own.
  • He wrote more than 1,200 articles for The College Investor. Currently, he posts 3 news blog posts per week. And The College Investor is his main occupancy that brings money.
  • He majored in Political Science. And finished MBA which cost him $80,000 and resulted in a student loan debt.
  • He used to sell stuff at eBay to earn money.
  • His favorite financial blogs are Budgets are Sexy, and Financial Samurai.
  • The audience of the blog as per Robert is younger than 40 and mostly female.

So, it is high time calling it quits and deciding whether to read this blog, or you can waste your time.


The College Investor is believed to be a perfect tool for dealing with student loan debts. Robert also spent money on his education, his MBA cost him pretty much money.

Now he wants to share his tips on repayments with The College Investor’s audience. My personal opinion on this blog is that it is worth reading and worth spending time on. Especially, for students.

He does not overload the website with much information but posts an enormous number of the tools he uses himself. Of course, you may go to the Forum page or read some articles his team shares. But the point that you can just open his blog and find a needed tool and start calculating inspires.

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The College Investor
The College Investor

As of now, he reached the target of becoming financially independent. And it is only in his 30s if comparing with his main competitors who spent half of the life on dealing with monetary strategies.

He emphasizes the importance of education and helps students not to deprive themselves of getting a degree. Robert shows ways to save money and pay or repay the loans. By the way, the products that he shared on his website are mostly free of charge or you can buy them at a fair price.

He offers courses, guides, and Ebooks which will contribute to your self-development in the financial aspect.

Besides, he offers to his readers the translation of some articles, at least in Spanish. And the fact he does dedicate a whole page to explaining how the website makes money may provoke in his readers the respect.

If again comparing his website with his competitors (for example, with WiseBread), it would be fair saying that The College Investor is the best blog exactly for students.

He writes articles covering not only the FAQs, and rates but tools that will teach any student to start calculating themselves. 

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