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Cryptocurrency exchanges are trader’s paradise but can turn into a nightmare if the exchange is hollow from inside.

Cryptocurrencies are now acclaimed by all kinds of populaces across the globe. This accelerating recognition has opened gates to a booming number of trading platforms.

But do you know, each exchange available isn’t impeccable? You ought to be very sure before investing your hard earned money as the exchange may give your real-time shocking surprises by shutting down or showing erroneous results. Some may be less secure and some may block your withdrawal payments.

The complexity of few exchanges makes it difficult for novice traders to use. Delays in processing the transaction, KYC verification and lack of proper customer service are likely to frustrate you. The high amount of transaction fees and withdrawal fees are burning a hole in your pocket.

These are just a part of controversies on the trading platform. Traders already using the exchange platforms surely have many more points to be added. Excluding the problems, there are some expectations as well. It’s a common tradition in the IT industry that things can always be improved.

To improve the existing state of exchange platforms, express your opinions and expectations in a survey conducted by “Encrybit – The Future of Cryptocurrency Exchange”. The best of all feedbacks will be taken into consideration while developing the new age trading platform. Moreover, the top 3 participants will be remunerated with prize money up to 100 XRP.

The central goal of Encrybit’s online survey is to collect real-time problems faced on existing exchanges. This data will be used for developing an improved and safest exchange for the Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts.

The survey is to be active in mid of April 2018. Do participate as it is going to bring on the finest cryptocurrency exchange. The participants unable to acquire top 3 positions don’t need to be dejected. All the participants are entitled to receive the reward of Encrybit Airdrop once the Encrybit (ENB) ICO starts.

Because every answer submitted by each participant is important. Don’t take it as a medium to win money, keep the thought of bringing in existence world’s optimum cryptocurrency exchange by submitting your authentic and sincere observation.

Encrybit’s Profile

It’s a freshly instigated venture by Cryptocurrency researchers, consultants, and advisors. Obviously, very much excited to do something new in the field of cryptocurrency. Encrybit is about to launch an improved and secured exchange platform.

It thrives to overcome the prevailing issues and make the trading platform truly a paradise for traders and investors. The improved user interface, robust architecture, improved order book, support increasing number of transactions every day and excellent customer service to name a few features of the upcoming new age cryptocurrency exchange.

Whether an experienced trader or novice entrant, Encrybit is the best fit for you!

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