What is The Launch and Story Behind it

What is The Launch and Story Behind it 20.08.20191 Comment

If you are looking for family-oriented personal finance advice than Money Saving Mom is the right place to start. The website shares financial experiences as well as available coupons and discounts in the market.

Crystal Paine, founder of Money Saving Mom says that her journey with couponing started since her early childhood.

When Paine was 9 years old her mother put her in charge of grocery shopping. Since then, she was saving as much as she could and encouraging everyone around her to do so.

With the launch of Money Saving Mom in 2006, Crystal tells that it helped many of users to spend effectively and save for many activities such as college tuition, paying off debts, traveling, etc.

Until now, Crystal tells that if anyone wants to cut off their budget they should definitely start with grocery shopping.

However, this doesn’t mean that with couponing you can even buy the things that you don’t need and still end up saving a lot of money. It’s more about choosing and collecting those coupons wisely while realizing which items are absolutely necessary, and which ones can wait until the sales season.

Before Money Saving Mom, she had her blog where she would share her tips on budgeting and saving. When she captured the increasing demand and interest of the readers in that sphere she realized that it was time for a whole new chapter of the blog to be created. And that’s how the idea of Money Saving Mom was born and quickly implemented.

Blogging, according to Crystal changed her life and the lives of her family completely. It has also become her passion to inspire many other bloggers around the world by implementing her online webinar. She shares with her readers stories about the hard times she has faced when there was no one around to guide her and help improve her blogging skills.

That is why she doesn’t want to miss the opportunity of helping potential bloggers and offers free lifetime access to 1-hour introductory blogging class, named 3 Steps to Start That Blog You’ve Been Dreaming Of. If you have the feeling that blogging is something close to your passion, don’t hesitate to register for the class and learn 1 habit you should develop right now to have a successful blog tomorrow.

Online Course
Online Course

In the class, she also shares the key things you’ll need to get your blog up and running and finally ways to make a part-time or full-time income from blogging.

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Raising a family can be financially challenging especially for young couples who still have student loans and haven’t got a permanent job.

Money Saving Mom, with its founder Crystal Paine, knows the solution to that problem. That’s mainly because Paine went through the same path before having a financially stable family. She went from paying off her student loan, mortgage and car loans, throughout which she learned all the skills of saving and budgeting. It’s all about the little things you can save each day that you’ve never thought of. If we prioritize our expense list, ask ourselves if some of those on the list are worth spending money on, we could save a surprisingly bigger amount than we would have thought. 

Now let’s start exploring what features Money Saving Mom has to offer to its users.

Features and Attributes of Money Saving Mom Webpage

If you have a hard time finding store deals, coupons or giveaways, Money Saving Mom has collected all of them for you.

The website is designed in a very user-friendly way so that if you have something specific in your mind you simply insert the product name and it shows every available store deals or coupons, which may be interesting to you.

If you want to set up a realistic budget, be organized in your finances, use coupons wisely and become debt-free here are some sections you may be interested in.

Coupon Database 

If you don’t have a specific product in mind and you are just looking for good deals you can go to Money Saving Mom’s detailed and searchable coupon page to see what’s available at the moment.

Coupon Database
Coupon Database

On the left side, you can see the detailed description of the coupon, such as “Save $3.00 on any 4 items of this shampoo”. The website also informs about the expiration date of the coupon, source of it and the stores where you can use the coupon.

Deals and more

Even though the majority of users identify Money Saving Mom as the best place to look for coupons, the website is much more than just a coupon database. You can also find many deals and sales at different stores in the US.

The data includes information regarding retail stores, grocery shops, supermarkets, etc. For example, currently, the website sends updates to its users about Adidas store sales of 20% or the latest deals and sales at Walmart for different products. 

Kitchen Posts

If you are thinking couponing and shop deals are the only things Crystal Paine shared her experience in, you are wrong. She also shares stories of day-to-day home chores such as cooking. Paine shares kitchen related articles by showing what she prepares, what ingredients she uses and how the chores are divided.

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Kitchen Posts
Kitchen Posts

According to her, users’ favorite kitchen posts are meals for large groups where she shares easy recipes for groups of more than 25 people. If you have a large family event and a hard time figuring out what to prepare, you can visit Money Saving Mom where Crystal Paine shares an organized the menu on her website with detailed pictures of those meals.

Many people find this section one of the most creative and useful ones by Paine and follow each week to get acquainted with new recipes.

Blogging and Business

If you are thinking of having your blog and can’t decide where to start, Crystal Paine has some interesting information for you here.

You should know that blogging is a great way to have part-time or full-time income. The perks of starting a blog are that you can start it anytime without any degree qualifications or certificates.

How to Make Money Blogging Page
How to Make Money Blogging Page

The field is open and the demand is high, making profit margins higher as well. However, it’s not always that easy, because if you want to have a successful blog it will require you a great amount of effort and willingness to learn more.

There are little details that matter when setting up a blog such as the name of it, platform, hiring a designer for your webpage, building readership, etc. All of these techniques can be learned at Money Saving Mom’s Blogging and Business page.

Home and Family

Spending time with your family is certainly the most enjoyable and valuable activity. If you are thinking of places to go and how to spend time with your family, Money Saving Mom has thought of it as well.

This section only has many other subsections as well, providing information and tips on dealing with home organization, childcare, homeschooling and much more. In other words, you will find yourself at a one-stop-shop for free and valuable advice on every aspect of your family management.

Brilliant Business Mom wrote about the website Money Saving Mom, telling the story of Crystal Paine and how her idea of turning a debt-free turned into a famous webpage.

Brilliant Business Mom
Brilliant Business Mom

Knowing she was pregnant, Crystal quit her job and started to work from home, that’s when the idea of blogging came up. She started a parenting blog, but her followers were more interested in savings and financial advice.

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She learned how to save money in her teenage years, which shaped her to create and share her experience.

Paine also told 3 success factors of her website, which are

  • Building a community by listening to her users: the website, according to Crystal, was never about her. She has been capturing her users’ needs and creating content accordingly hoping that she could help solve their problems.
  • Staying loyal to what she loves: Crystal has been offered a lot of high positioned jobs that would bring her more income than blogging, but they were not in line with her values one of which was helping other people. So,  she ended up rejecting each of those opportunities.
  • Using social media, mostly Facebook and Pinterest: In today’s world, social media is one of the fastest means to raise awareness whenever something new appears on the web.

Other media page referring to Money Saving Mom is The Penny Hoarder. The inspiring story of Crystal Paine is also captured in this website by telling 7 reasons why Money Saving Mom is loved.

One of the reasons is that the founder herself has been experiencing financial difficulties and all of her advice is based on experience and not just theoretical practice. This way while reading her stories users feel the empathy and caring approach of Paine.

She updates weekly menu plans, how much she spent on grocery shopping that week, what she bought at what price. She also writes about shared responsibilities at home, by saying everyone is responsible for making breakfasts and cleaning after them.

She includes creative lunch and dinner meal ideas as well. The users especially admire her creativity and energy. Another reason The Penny Hoarder lists is that her blog is a “one-stop-shop”.

She has great advice on food, travel, money management, basically everything. 

Money Saving Mom Earnings

In today’s competitive world of blogging Money Saving Mom is one of the successful ones and helps Crystal make a living out of it.

In one of her blog posts Crystal talks about her revenue streams and describes the structure of her earnings in detail. Although she doesn’t reveal any specific amount in the revenue she shows that her main revenue streams are affiliate marketing, banner ads, sponsored posts digital products and royalties.


The famous website analytics webpage Worthofweb has evaluated Money Savings Mom’s performance and the last update was 30 days ago. According to the website, the estimated value of Money Saving Mom is $89,091. The estimated revenue per day is $203 with 13,000 – 15,000 visitors per day and 5,000,00 – 6,000,000 per year.

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The website calculates daily revenue by traffic estimation to see “potential” advertising revenue of Money Saving Mom. The assumption under the algorithm is that the website is using ads and affiliate programs to make money. The website also uses Alexa Traffic Rank to estimate visits and pageviews per day, month, year.

Interesting facts about the website

Crystal Paine constantly updates her website with interesting news, one of which is 52 ways to save $100 a year. The article includes many interesting tips you may have never thought of.

One of the ways is baking your bread at home, which according to Paine will make you save $1.5-$2 per loaf.

Another tip can be making your coffee at home, which will save you at least $17.5 per week, $70 per month or $840 per year.

By sharing such kind of calculations and showing people that they can easily save by cutting off on coffee or bread incentivizes them even more.

Apart from blogging, Crystal Paine has also published books, including 21 Days to a more disciplined life, Say goodbye to survival mode, Money-Making Mom, etc.

If you have ideas thoughts and dreams to accomplish in your life, her book 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life, will help you prioritize your goals to accomplish them faster.

You will learn how to overcome the obstacles that will come across and come up with plans to solve those. Most importantly, Crystal helps you to get motivated on any task you are given.

According to the author, by the time you set your priorities and make step by step decisions to accomplish them your life would be much easier and productive.

As a wife and mother of three, Crystal knows how difficult it is for women to do chores and have a full-time job. With the book, Say goodbye to survival mode, she wants the reader to feel healthier and energetic, eliminate stress and focus on positive, and at last, rediscover your passion. This is the path Crystal went through when finding her passion for blogging. She shared her experience online and it turned out many people were interested in her creative and bright ideas of saving and frugal life.

When it comes to finances, many people feel they lack the skill of management and feel stressed about it. In her book, Money-Making Mom Crystal tells real-life stories by blending insights and inspiration. If you don’t feel like you have the skills to manage your finances, Crystal Paine would love to share her experience with you.

Money Saving Mom has been one of the most useful blogs for couponing and frugal living for years. Crystal Paine is very enthusiastic and you can see how much love and passion she puts into her blog.

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If you are about to make a small or big purchase, your first step should be checking Money Saving Mom and see whether there are any coupons or special deals available in the market. By following Crystal Paine’s advice many people who previously had financial difficulties are now saving more than they could have ever imagined.

So, whenever you are thinking there is no way to cut off on any category of your budget, Money Saving Mom offers various ways to save on your everyday spending. Even if, at first sight, you may think couponing is not deducting your current expenses, the founder of the website Crystal Paine, ensures you will feel the change after 3 months.

She also says that “everyone needs to use coupons”. However, you should keep in mind that Money Saving Mom is more than just couponing, you can stay updated on the latest restaurants, shops and other entertainment centers’ deals.

Not only Crystal Paine helps you get to know and use money management techniques but also you can ask for her advice as a starting blogger.  

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