What is The Launch and Story behind it

What is The Launch and Story behind it 30.08.20191 Comment
What is The Launch and Story behind it

If you are interested in stock and exchange trading platforms, looking for real-time data and research tools, Webull is the right place for you.

The platform of Webull FInancials LLC was launched in 2018, and it targets active traders in the US market. It allows you not only to trade stocks but also collect data and do your research. There are many free online trading platforms, and you probably wonder what is it that makes unique?

The website offers a stock trading simulator, commission-free short selling, access to comprehensive data on the stock market, and research tools.

The benefits of the platform include the sign up bonus of $100 which you can use to buy stocks, absolutely commission-free trading, research tools available for traders and investors, a trading simulator that lets you do risk-free investments and many more features of which you will know further in the article.

According to PitchBook, the latest investment in as of July 5, 2019, was $36.3 million.

All in all, the platform is very useful and interesting for active traders as well as the ones who are just about to start learning about the stock market.


At Webull, everyone believes that all should have equal opportunities to have their control over the financial future. They always track current market trends and keep the platform users up to date to make wise financial decisions. 

This way, many refer to Webull not only as a trading website but also a learning platform, with constant updates on economic and financial articles, analyst recommendations and reviews as well as many more features.


If you are interested in opening a brokerage account in Webull here are some requirements:

  • You should be 18 or older
  • Have a valid Social Security Number
  • You should have a legal residential address in the territory of the United States and outlying U.S. territories
  • Have citizenship of the United States, permanent residency card or a valid U.S. visa

Features and Attributes of

Trading Simulator

If you are totally new at stock market trading, this is one of the features you will most likely use at first. This feature is one of those which differentiates Webull from other free trading websites. The platform allows beginners to practice investments without using real money. They test their trading strategies in the risk-free platform before putting those into action in a risky market.

Real-Time Market Data

Before adding up their trading feature, Webull was, first of all, a platform for research. It puts an emphasis not only on offering free and high-level trading but also tries to inform you of what you are going to invest.

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As a trader, you should be up to date on current market prices because lack of information can lead you to make ineffective financial decisions.

Trade Platform
Trade Platform

Short Selling

Many online brokerage accounts do not have the option of short selling. It is the sale of an asset you do not currently own, with the hope that it will soon decrease in its value and you can close the deal with a profit.

The good thing is Webull offers short selling with 0 commission as well. If you are interested in short-selling, you should also know that for this type of transactions you have to have a margin account where you should have at least $2000. You should be aware of the fact that if your account runs shorter than $2000, you will get a mandatory liquidation alert.

Analyst Recommendations

If you want to trade stocks and make the most optimal financial decision, looking for expert recommendations will help you a lot.

Webull offers a variety of articles and research done by specialists, press releases, earnings reports, analyst ratings, and many more. This feature can be very helpful for you when deciding if you want to buy or sell.

WeBull Trade Platform
WeBull Trade Platform

Fundamental and Technical data

If you are going to invest in a company, make sure you know about their financial health. Investors usually look at their key financial reports like the statement of financial position, income statement, cash flow statement, and changes in equity. The figures in those statements will give them a consolidated picture of how the company is doing.

From those figures, investors usually calculate financial ratios such as PE (price-to-earnings) ratio, EPS (earnings per share), and many more. Webull provides all of this information to you on the company’s dashboard. There you can see key financial documents, track the trends, and see the company’s current financial standing.

The technical data includes many features like indicating moving averages, volume, candlestick charts, etc. Active traders rely on these charts to make their decisions by identifying microtrends to capitalize on.

Financial Calendar

We have talked about how Webull provides features that can be very helpful before making your purchasing decision. However, the website also thinks of providing you detailed information about the company after you have successfully acquired their stock. The post-purchase experience is very important for investors; keeping track of the company’s financial stability is one of the most crucial things to do. A financial calendar allows you to see the upcoming important dates for the company, such as dividend payments or earning reports.

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Watchlists and Alerts

The users of Webull can create watchlists on stocks that they want to track. You are also given an opportunity to set a price alert on those stocks. Let’s say you are looking for a stock under $200; you input the data and Webull sends alert whenever those are available for you. This way, you are tracking most up to date prices in the stock market and being able to purchase at the most favorable price.

Extended Trading Hours

Generally, trading hours start from 9:30 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Friday. Webull offers you extended trading hours during pre-market hours, which are 4 AM to 9:30 AM or aftermarket from 4 PM to 8 PM.

Extended Trading Hours
Extended Trading Hours

BONUS: A free stock

If you are interested in trading, you probably wonder how you can get a completely free stock from Webull. The website encourages beginners to open accounts on their website by giving them a welcome bonus of $100 worth of stock with a possibility to make returns up to $300 on those stocks.

This way, you immediately enter into the stock market, getting to know its functioning. Along with the free trading simulator, you will be able to learn trading techniques before making your first stock trading experience.

Many of the popular media webpages have referred to Webull as a useful and user-friendly app for active traders. In just a year, Webull has been in the center of attention of not only active traders but also famous media, who find Webull’s scope interesting and modernized.

One of the websites which have talked of Webull is Wealthy Diligence, which finds the amount of information on the platform simply incredible. The website talks of pros of Webull Financial LLC offering completely commission-free trades.

According to Wealthy Diligence, nowadays, investors pay attention to commission fees when choosing the platform they are going to use, as this is the major detractor for many of them.

Wealthy Diligence
Wealthy Diligence

Another thing that Wealthy Diligence found amazing about Webull is how they keep their users up-to-date and share many useful and exciting finance and economics related articles. The website is a very interesting learning platform for its users. It offers trading simulator, where they can also see how the stock market works before actually making real market investments. This way, Webull ensures their users are aware of the details of the stock market and the trading techniques.

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Another website that has talked about Webull is Benzinga. In the article, it is mentioned that Webull is the best for any type of traders- active, intermediate, and advanced,  as it is designed in a way that anyone can use it.

Benzinga also talks about its popular feature – trading simulator and how it targets the beginners. The feature is a perfect way to get to know the stock market and how it works.


Additionally, the website includes sections for analyst recommendations, historical analysis of trading prices, and revenues per share. Webull attracts many traders from beginner level to advanced by being a straightforward and flexible platform.

Webull has also caught the attention of Drbreatheasyfinance, where it talks about how in the age of technology Webull is one of the websites which makes itself unique from the others. Unlike traditional brokers, with the use of modern technology, Webull makes it easier for its users to purchase stocks paying no commission fees.

This is one of the websites that has met all the industry standards of competition with other online brokerage accounts and also has created its features. One of those features is extended trading hours. Usually, trading hours start from 9 AM to 4 PM, but the Webull timing is different. As it starts from 4 AM until 8 PM.

Webull also offers advanced trading tools like short selling, real-time market data, and up to date market news. With Webull, you can be ensured to be aware of the most recent market changes. According to Drbreatheasyfinance, Webull offers a lot of competitive advantages for the active traders. They will not regret using the website for sure!

An interesting article has also been published in Day Trade Review, which tries to understand if free trades are free? In this article, Bebull’s case is discussed in detail, presenting the user its functioning mechanism. Many customers think of free trade as something too good to be true. However, there are no hidden fees or charges at Webull.

Day Trade Review
Day Trade Review

The reason many believe of commission-free trading suspiciously is that they think the website’s primary source of revenue is based on the commissions. You will be surprised to know that it is not true at all.

For example, Webull’s primary source of income is based on the subscription fees, interest on accounts, and payment for order flow. Like other media websites, Day Trade Review has also referred to the competitive advantage of by mentioning its powerful research tools, including analyst reviews, news streams, configurable stock screeners, etc.

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We have talked about services Webull provides at no cost, so you’re probably wondering how the website generates revenue?

It is also interesting to know that for the newly opened website whose launch was just a year ago it has already made a deal of $36.3 million.

It talks about how Webull has caught the attention of millions of users in such a short period of time and has been successful in terms of launch and further use. The website has various sources of revenue, and as already mentioned above the common misconception of commission fees being a major source of revenue is being proven wrong. Here are the website’s ways of earning an income:

Subscription Fees

Traders who want the most up to date information on the stock market may subscribe to get the website’s TST Level 1 access by paying $4.99 a month or $53.99 per year. TST Level 1 offers the best bid offer volume quotes in the real-time market.

Margin Fees

Another way Webull makes money is by offering margin trading and earning interest on it. Margin trading refers to when the client pledges their assets as collaterals to the broker to get more money for buying stocks. Fees on margin trading begin at 3.99% and are frequently used by active traders of the platform.

Interest on Cash

The website also earns interest on the idle cash, the one which was uninvested within brokerage accounts. It seems like a small portion of revenue for Webull but over time investing small amounts of money across all of their accounts may add up to a significant amount of interest

Order Flow

This is one of the most common revenue streams for many free online trading websites. Webull is selling block orders of securities to market makers, who provide better service by having a higher trading volume in exchange.


It is interesting how the ways of trading stocks have changed in the last decade. As for now, the competition is very tense, and websites put a lot of attention to offering completely free trading to attract more users.

What Webull did was offering way more than commission-free trading. It offers advanced research techniques, news streams, analyst reviews, and many more ways to inform their users about the money market and economy in general. To track traders’ needs, Webull will hopefully launch the options trading in the near future as well.

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For now, Webull does an amazing job of offering its 0% commission trading services and informing its users about current financial and economic trends in the market. With the help of its research tools and techniques, you are given an outstanding opportunity to make smart investment decisions. If you are an active trader and want to invest in stocks, you are probably concerned about your investments being capitalized quickly. So, think before you act with Webull and be aware of market fluctuations to make wise financial decisions.

Financial analysts and experts publish articles and keep the users up to date on current stock prices, market fluctuations, and many more. In today’s globalized market, Webull believes you should be given an opportunity to be fully informed about your investments in order to create a stable financial future.

If you are a US citizen and interested in trading stocks, ETFs, and looking for research tools to make better financial decisions, Webull is the right choice for you.

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  1. Webull is a Chinese company with offices in the USA. The financials of Webull are not transparent, do not adhere to GAAP, and are not subject to U.S. laws. This means that Webull’s financials could be entirely fraudulent and you as the investor would not know this serious fact until it was too late. Furthermore, the judicial system in communist China is a corrupt sham. Law enforcement in China is unlikely to prosecute a Chinese national for swindling Americans out of their money and bringing those ill-gotten gains back to China. In fact, stealing from Americans is a way of life for many in China. There are many legitimate options available for investors to choose from when considering a broker. The stock market is already risky enough, there is no reason to increase the risk that your broker may not be legitimate or maintain secure financials. Chinese firms are failing rapidly after decades of building unsustainable debt. The great fraud of China is finally being acknowledged globally. Webull could transfer a customer’s assets back to China one day… in fact, your money may already be on Webull’s accounting books in China… and you will have zero recourse to ever recover your money. Even lower level employees at Webull, such as Pascal Lau, conduct themselves fraudulently. Defrauding Americans is a way of life for many in China. When a company does not have to transparently report its accounting, or the company’s accounting is bogus because it doesn’t adhere to GAAP standards, or there is no law enforcement / judicial system to prosecute the individuals at the company for fraudulent accounting, then this is the type of insane risk that can lead to financial failure on an epic scale. This may be exactly what is now occurring in China and Webull is a small part of that horrific nightmare scenario. Why would anyone take on this additional level of risk when seeking a broker to invest in the stock market?

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