Wise Bread Overview

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Wise Bread Overview

Each person faced the financial decisions at least once in a lifetime. The decisions which either put him into the rock bottom or turned to be twice rewarding. And as it often happens, the results are always discussed among the family, friends or colleagues.

People who most times do not have any financial background but give advice about how you’d better manage your money. What if a person can prevent all the bankrupt consequences by relying on online helper platforms. A place where others share their stories and advice. Wise Bread can start to be your assistant in financial matters.

This is the website helping its users to find out how to live large on a small budget. And what are the ways to enjoy life without sacrificing financial independence?

These and the next missions, Wise Bread’s team promises people on their About Page:

  • Shopping tips to look stylish but save money.
  • Financial advice and its bringing into action.
  • Boost your career and show how to climb a career ladder.
  • Add extra zeros to your income by lifesaving money-making ideas.
  • General tips on financial knowledge.

As stated on the website their philosophy is “You can have fun saving money”. Thus they want to differ from other financial solution websites by emphasizing the importance of fun. In fact, it is not a universal idea on the market but let’s see how their approach comes true in practice.

Who Are the People Behind Wise Bread?

Nowadays, Wise Bread is a community of bloggers. A big system of people around the world who write articles on business subjects. Will Chen, Lynn Truong, Greg Go are those who are behind the curtain of the management team.


This trio knows each other since high school. Once they decided to found and run a company that will contribute to the revolution of the blogging society. Their primary goal was to provide users with quality content and by this to gain popularity in the financial part of the market.

Founded in 2006, they equally divided the responsibilities and today Will works as Chief Marketing Officer, Lynn as Editor-in-Chief and Greg as Chief Technology Officer.

During the existence of Wise Bread, the team both learned and mastered the knowledge of frugal living, debt dealing, and credit card activities. So now, it is worth saying the Wise Bread team is professionally aware of all points of the finance market. And reading their blog posts will not harm users because all the information is well-tried and trustful.

As of now, it is estimated that around 61 employees working for this blog, and 2.66 million is the average number of total visits per month.

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Other statistics are mentioned below:


Currently, Wise Bread helps to guide their money-conscious readers. They show a variety of tips for living large from their personal experiences and financial gurus.

Blog Features

The blog does not have any tools aimed to do a particular activity for users, such as a net worth calculator or statement generator.

But it covers mostly all the financial-related topics which can be found on one website, unlike the competitors. Fewer ads and no popups emerging while browsing the website. 

Credit Cards

The founders offer to start the journey from the Credit Cards page. Once the user clicks it, he comes across three categories of articles including Credit Card Picks, Advice for Credit Card Holders and Most Popular Articles

Credit Cards Page
Credit Cards Page

By scrolling down there is an option of best credit card offers. Thus by clicking one, the user will be directed to an article where you can apply for a credit card.

Greg Go himself describes the particular card and makes his final verdict about its bonuses. In all cases, the founders do not hide the fact of compensation from banks and partners. They make such a step may be to show their users that they care. Or to justify themselves in front of a thousandth audience that Yes, they earn money like this.

Other topics covered on this page are:

  • Card reward programs
  • Getting rid of the debt
  • Secured credit cards
  • Getting a credit card with bad credit

Moreover, this section serves as a source of discovering articles like how to get rid of the credit card annual fee or what is the reward credit card.

Personal Finance

This page is with all personal financial decisions. There are hundreds of tips, useful tools, and ultimate guides on money management. Users may find advice on how to efficiently track money, control net worth and multiply family budget.  Among other subjects, there are taxes, insurance, investment, retirement, car, and transportation solutions. 

Personal Finance
Personal Finance

For example, if you are planning a wedding, do not be shy to turn to Wise Bread to find out the savvy ways to cut wedding costs.

Frugal Living

What does frugal associate you with? Thrifty, cost-conscious, greedy?

Wise Bread wants to destroy all the stereotypes connected with this word. They managed to create this page to show every person the ways of living a luxurious but frugal life.

Do not sacrifice the sweets of life, just learn how to live expensively on a small budget.  The experts of this section deal with food and drinks, shopping, travel expenses. 

Food And Drink Page
Food And Drink Page

As an example, let’s go to the food and drinks section. There you may find top applications which help anyone to get free food. Isn’t it helpful? Health section offers its visitors to check again applications but on saving on prescriptions. As of shopping, there are tips to avoid scam while selling stuff online. 

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So, frugal living does not deprive people of the luxury segment. Wide Bread encourages us to deal with it in a smartly and cheap way. 


All career-related and income questions can be found there. The ways of working smarter, accomplishing all the goals, multiplying income.

The articles there are worth reading for ambitious earners who only start their careers and seek the ways of becoming rich. There are no tools and secrets to help people earn money within a day but mental food aimed to show the right direction.

Also, among other subjects are Entrepreneurship, Job Hunting, Extra Income and many more. 

Again, taking as an example one article, a user may find out how constant rejection of interviews may result in the climbing a career ladder.

Life Hacks

How many times do people discover Instagram or Facebook community on Life Hacks? An enormous variety of applications issuing daily tips, for example, on how to travel for free.

Nowadays, financial tricks do not fall behind. Wise Bread shares organizational, personal development and family hacks which save everyone’s life.

Lifehacks Page
Lifehacks Page

Comparing smartphone applications to these blog posts, it is necessary to say that they both follow the target. But articles mostly avail full information to solve a problem.

The authors write about how to deal with debt collectors, destroy boredom at work and even hacks on children’s financial education.

Best Deals 

Are you looking for the best deal of a particular item? Find clothes, health, beauty, games, and software deals, and enjoy the savings.

Their electronic section is probably one of the most appealing ones. But anyway if a user clicks on it, it will redirect him to Amazon or elsewhere. 

Best Deals
Best Deals

In The Press

This section redirects its users to a separate page with Janet Alvarez info, an executive editor for Wise Bread. There they offer to organize a meeting or interview with her.

Either it is a smart trick on the promotion of their services or they try to hide all their mentions on popular media. It is up to users to discover what this section is for.

But to look for media coverage materials, you’d better use search icon and type there Media Kit. There anyone can find all the references, interviews, and posts about Wise Bread.


The page for job-seekers and contacting the team. They offer a job by persons filling the form and attaching sample posts.

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Also, potential employees should submit 5 ideas for future posts.

Thus, employed editors are going to check your creativity and willingness to writing lifesaving articles. Keep in mind they do not look for freshers but people with tons of knowledge and experience. This fact may say that they deal only with professionals.

On the other hand, Wise Bread may lose people who are new but full of fresh ideas. If you are a personal finance writer, you may try your luck and start working for Wise Bread.

Write for Wise Bread

Besides, WiseBread has a separate page for sponsorship opportunities. Ask the Readers, a section where advertisers or sponsors may have a direct conversation with the readers. The recent promotions on the website concerned Amazon giveaways.

It works by posting an article describing a particular good and there is a description of how you can win Amazon Gift Card for it.

They use rafflecopter so the chances of getting any prize are equal among the participants.

Media Coverage

As it is mentioned on their Media Kit page, they refer themselves to one of the most popular finance blogs. It can be a justified statement due to statistics.

As it was said before, total visits of Wise Bread reached the number of 2,66 million per month.


Who writes about them? On the screenshot, the team demonstrated sources who dedicated to them columns. 

LifeHack mentioned this blog in 12 productivity blogs smart people read describing the target of the blog and topics that people may be interested in.

The Write Life addresses WiseBread as to one of the highest-ranked personal finance helpers, where writers should apply to and get paid for their articles. 

The Detailed platform mentions WiseBread at the top 3 of the 50 best personal finance blogs.

Among other popular media, there are CNN, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider and many more. 


Wise Bread Management Team Nowadays

The Trio of Will, Lynn, and Greg are ranking the top management of Wise Bread. The team of the company does not go beyond the number of 61 employees. 

Wise Bread’s headquarter is located in West Covina, California. Nowadays they continue to actively upgrade the website and provide its users with quality content.

As of now, their main competitors are NerdWallet, Mint and The Motley Fool. But unlike competitors, Will Chen has one the highest score of his professional activity.

CEO Rating

Today, Wise Bread has 101,1K fans on Facebook and 63,4K followers on Twitter.

Moreover, they published a book, 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget, so their expansion on the financial market is growing since 2006.

Those who want to join their team should turn to Linkedin. Wise Bread regularly posts open vacancies. Thus this blog does not set itself as a closed society where only selected people can work.

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Apply, attach your works, show creativity, and be part of this team.​

Money Matter

Wise Bread does not offer its users paid tools or other own services where people have to pay money. Due to their frugal activity, they do not post a tremendous amount of ads or redirect to third party websites much.

All the posts, where authors describe bonuses do not affect recommendations. Before publishing a post, the team gives a final verdict whether this or that service is worth trying. 

Get Rich Slowly Wise Bread
User-friendly blog. The “face” of the website is old-fashioned. Lots of call-in-action buttons, and few ads and pop-ups
Comfortable interface striking to look more as a service platform than a blog. Ads no pop-ups.
Estimated Annual Revenue (for 2018)
$3,2 million
Articles mostly based on J.D.Roth’s history of managing debts, mortgages. Other topics are of financial advice and reviews of the most useful tools aimed to manage money.
Only articles on financial subjects with a fun approach to them. Reviews of tools, applications, etc.
Total Visits
427K per month
2,6 million per month
68 employees
61 employees

Besides, they have a separate page called Advertise and Ask The Readers. They offer sponsorship and different advertising opportunities including custom campaigns. 

$3,2 million is the current revenue of the website. Mostly they apply affiliate marketing on the blog. 

They promote particular goods to their users. Once a person clicks the ad or buys something, Wise Bread earns a piece of the profit from it (affiliate marketing). 

Interesting Facts

Mostly, this blog does not differ much from its competitors and is such a type of blog user come across out of necessity.

The Wise Bread team itself wrote some interesting facts on their statistics.

  • 60% of Wise Bread audience is female
  • 77% of visitors are college graduates

Also, according to feedback online about this service, the user can come across with the next negative statements:

  • People should turn to credit cards offered by the Wise Bread team only in case of good credit history. So, basically, it means that their offers are limited to their audience.
  • They do not deal with Non-American credit cards, so international readers are not able to choose some of the bonuses offered.
  • The editors are believed to give more information on the interviews rather than on their articles.

Make up your mind by personally visiting the website. All the above-mentioned facts are based on random choices of feedback posted online. 

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Final Word

After reviewing Wise Bread’s feedback and browsing its website, it is necessary to say that this blog is a good tool to master living large on a small budget. Its interface is quite comfortable.

All the pages are well-organized and you may find everything you need by using a search icon. 

Their secrets on frugal living are not a panacea, all depends on your desire to change the lifestyle. Thus, those articles just contribute to your inspiration or somehow motivation. But if you do not set goals and make a plan of reaching them, it is useless even to read them. 

Options that they offer about credit cards are also based on their preferences, Greg Go claims to check them personally. But taking into consideration the fact there are thousands of readers internationally, it is very strange management does not review Non-American cards. So, the audience they are targeting is only the USA and Canada.

Besides, I found it strange that there is no translation option. America is a bilingual country, and at least a Spanish translation option would be rewarding.

As for advantages, their life hacks section is a really interesting one for me. You can learn info there funnily.

Downloading apps on the smartphone does not attract me much because of overloading the storage. If I need to learn something about finances, I would like to visit the website from my laptop.

But it is a matter of a person’s preference. So it is up to you whether you read their life hacks online or download applications with the same target. 

To call it quits. According to the revenue of the website, their tools should be wider. It is going to be logical if they attach a net worth calculator for example instead of posting credit card bonuses.

Because there are dozens of platforms, where users can compare such services and choose one.

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